Why 'Voice' Fans Should Give Shi'Ann Jones a Chance
Why 'Voice' Fans Should Give Shi'Ann Jones a Chance
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Unlike previous seasons, The Voice season 13 doesn't have a clear-cut frontrunner. There are a handful of artists who are definitely within contention but there's not one who has emerged yet as the obvious winner. On the other hand, one Voice artist has received a fair bit of scorn even though that hasn't translated to votes. Team Jennifer's Shi'Ann Jones has proven very unpopular with certain Voice viewers but perhaps it's time to give her a chance.

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Shi'Ann is, sadly, one of the weaker artists left on The Voice. Yet that isn't because of a lack of talent or vocal ability. Shi'Ann's biggest problem on The Voice is something that should be fixable, or at least workable, given the right mentorship. Shi'Ann doesn't lack ability, she lacks confidence. 

It's true that so far Shi'Ann hasn't exactly earned her spot on The Voice. Shi'Ann surviving to the Live Shows at all as a lot to do with her connection to coach Jennifer Hudson and the belief Jennifer has in her, but Jennifer's belief is not misplaced. Shi'Ann does have potential, it's just gone untapped. If Shi'Ann could overcome her obvious fears, she could be a real force to be reckoned with in the competition. 

There's a real growl and interesting rasp to Shi'Ann's voice and that's something that can't be taught or earned. It's natural, organic and Shi'Ann's best quality as a singer -- but it's also being dominated by nerves and obvious stage fright. The second that Shi'Ann isn't singing (and even sometimes when she is performing) she looks utterly terrified. 

Shi'Ann is the youngest singer on The Voice but not by a huge margin. (Team Adam's Addison is 16 to Shi'Ann's 15.) Shi'Ann just acts her age far more than her competition or the usual Voice contestant. Shi'Ann doesn't seem ready for The Voice but she could easily get there in a couple episodes' time. Shi'Ann isn't like her fellow contestants -- she hasn't been performing for years -- and while she's been rough on The Voice so far, all of that could just be growing pains. 

Shi'Ann has taken some risks and failed with them but she's also a lot more interesting than some of the other contestants. The artist that Shi'Ann is trying to be is much more compelling than a large swath of The Voice season 13 which is made up mostly of country or country/rock singers. The Voice has explored this type of artist enough and they've been very successful but Shi'Ann, who's out of the norm for Voice contestants, is more interesting. 

If Shi'Ann doesn't show any improvement and she continues to be safe, then there could be a real problem. The Voice Live Shows are early enough that Shi'Ann can easily turn things around. In terms of potential, Shi'Ann does seem more promising than Adam Cunningham, who seems to doomed to end up in the bottom until he's eventually eliminated. 

But what do you think? Does Shi'Ann have any hope of improving? Are you willing to give her a chance or has she already proven to be undeserving of her spot? 

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