What Were the 10 Most Tweeted About TV Shows of 2017?
What Were the 10 Most Tweeted About TV Shows of 2017?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's nearing the end of the year and Twitter has released its official list of the 10 most tweeted about TV shows of 2017. The list features a lot of shows you might expect and a few surprises. From old favorites to reality competitions to a farewell season to a new Netflix drama, here are Twitter's most talked about shows of the year.

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#10 Pretty Little Liars

Fans turned out for the final season to see how the Liars' adventures would end, and they clearly enjoyed tweeting about the last 10 episodes.

#9 Supernatural

Even in season 13, you should never underestimate the Winchester brothers. The CW's drama has one of the most devoted fanbases on all of television, and the fact that it's still in the Top 10 after all of these years is proof.

#8 The Voice

NBC's reality juggernaut may not produce any superstars, but it does get a lot of attention on social media. The fact that the show uses Twitter for its Instant Save probably helps.

#7 Grey's Anatomy

The ABC medical drama recently celebrated its 300th episode, but it's still the network's most talked about show.

#6 The Walking Dead

Even if the ratings are slipping and fans are growing bored as the show passed 100 episodes this year, Rick and his group's battle with Negan is still attracting a lot of attention.

#5 Saturday Night Live

In the first year of President Donald Trump's term, it's no surprise that the Emmy-winning sketch show was tweeted about so much. From Alec Baldwin's Trump to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer, SNL had a lot of buzzy moments.

#4 13 Reasons Why

The only new show on the list is this Netflix drama about teen suicide. It's probably the biggest surprise on the list, but given the powerful subject matter and the fact that it was about teens, who probably us social media far more than anyone else, it's understandable why this fantastic show made the list.

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#3 Big Brother

People who don't watch the CBS summer reality competition may be confused why it's so high on this list. But the show offers 24/7 live feeds during the three months that it airs, giving the rabid fans a chance to watch and tweet about it nonstop. As someone who loves, watches and writes about Big Brother, I can confirm that I tweeted about it so much this summer that some of my friends actually complained and stopped following me.

#2 Stranger Things

The Netflix model doesn't really fit with Twitter as releasing the entire season on a single day results in a limited window when people are talking about the show. But that doesn't matter when something is a true cultural phenomenon like Stranger Things.

#1 Game of Thrones

This is no surprise and you probably would've guessed that this would be in the top spot. The show's penultimate season soared in the ratings and even though it only lasted seven weeks, those weeks were all about Game of Thrones. From Jon Snow's first meeting with Daenerys Targaryen to the impressive dragon battles, season 7 had everyone tweeting.

What show are you most surprised to see on this list? What TV show did you think would've made it, but didn't?

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