Time for a Comeback! Christina Aguilera Confirmed as Third Coach on 'The Voice'
Yay! As far as I'm concerned, the more Christina Aguilera messes up, the more we love her. I love that she flubbed the lyrics to our National Anthem, I love that she tripped on stage after singing a tribute to Aretha Franklin, and I even love that she was arrested for public intoxication like a BOSS. Most of all, I love that NBC is giving us more Xtina.

Christina Aguilera will join confirmed coaches Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine on NBC's new singing competition, The Voice. NBC Executive Vice President, Paul Telegdy, is quoted saying,
"Christina has a once in a generation talent--her voice is phenomenally distinctive and instantly recognizable. Her journey as an artist, who started so young in the music business, will be an inspiration to the talent she coaches on the show." You hear that, haters? She's an inspiration!

Maybe you don't know how inspirational Christina Aguilera can be because you didn't see Burlesque, the greatest movie of all time and the most blatant Oscar snub. Executive producer Mark Burnett describes Aguilera as "the epitome of The Voice." So if you want more Christina and more Christina essence, now you know where to turn (I TUUURN TO YOOOU!).

Basically, this is great news. Yes, Christina has a few strikes against her this year and it's barely even March, but we all want her to rise up, triumphant over bad reviews, Twitter hate, national embarrassment, and addiction. Will The Voice be the thing to put her back on top?

Will you watch The Voice? Are you rooting for or against Christina Aguilera?

(image courtesy of E!)