'The Voice': Watch Last Night's Battles Again; Was Tyler Robinson Robbed?
'The Voice': Watch Last Night's Battles Again; Was Tyler Robinson Robbed?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In my recap of last night's Voice Battle Rounds, I asked you in polls who you thought won each sing-off, and the results indicate that I'm not alone in this opinion: Tyler Robinson ... was robbed!

Well, maybe we shouldn't go that far. Where the majority of you clearly agree with the judges' decisions on the other three duelets, your take on Patrick vs. Tyler is split 50/50 right now. Patrick's got a killer voice, one much better suited for Elvis and, it would seem, for the country-coaching stylings of Blake Shelton. But there's no denying that Tyler brought the spice to their duelet last night, and it was just too soon to see him go. Maybe he can go try out for Simon and Cheryl on The X-Factor?

Watch each of the battles again, then tell me: Did Blake make the wrong call?

Battle One: Frenchie Davis beats Tarralyn Ramsay
I think it was her off-the-map first solo that did Tarralyn in -- that, or Frenchie's all-around awesomeness.

Battle Two: Patrick Thomas beats Tyler Robinson
After listening to it again, I know I'm not crazy -- or maybe I'm just "Crazy" enough, since Cee Lo agreed with me that Tyler took this one. Chalk it up to Patrick and Blake's country connection that Patrick outlasted Tyler in this one. As one commenter pointed out on my recap last night, this just goes to show you that the coach you pick does matter.

Battle Three: Casey Weston beats Tim Mahoney
This was a tough one. On voice alone (and this show is called The Voice...) I thought Tim had Casey beat, for sure. But my guess is that, taking into consideration how strong her sound is at such a young age, Adam chose Casey because she has that big, loaded, ambiguous thing called potential. Plus, he wants to win, and when America's votes start factoring in, dresses like that definitely won't hurt Casey's chances.

Battle Four: Vicci Martinez beats Niki Dawson

Ah, Niki, we hardly knew you. Niki definitely gave Vicci a run for her money, but here's something we're learning about Cee Lo: He loooooves when you go out on a limb. And then do a little war dance on it.

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