'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Usher?
'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Usher?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Blind Auditions and Battle Rounds are over on The Voice season 4, and with 32 contestants left, the Knockout Rounds will cut that number in half. Each coach will pit two of their singers against each other, each with their own song, and then pick one winner and one loser.

If I had to pick the weakest team of eight, it would have to be Usher. Is anyone excited about Audrey or Jess? Did C. Perkins really deserve a steal? Would Vedo and Josiah Hawley still be here if Vedo's mom hadn't died or Josiah didn't look like a supermodel? Here's Usher's team.

Audrey Karrasch
Jess Kellner
Josiah Hawley
Michelle Chamuel
Ryan Innes
C. Perkins (stolen)
Cathia (stolen)

The benefit of being in the worst team is that everyone has a chance to win in the Knockout Tounds.


I want to pick two singers, but I just can't. Ryan is the only person on Team Usher who has shown the skill and talent to be a serious contender on this show.

DEFINITELY OUT: C. Perkins, Jess Kellner, Audrey Karrasch

To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure who these people are. Apparently they're all still on Team Usher, but they're such forgettable, unimpressive singers that taking them to the Live Playoffs would be embarrassing.

THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK: Cathia, Josiah Hawley, Vedo, Michelle Chamuel

If Usher wants to play strategically, keeping Cathia around to steal Shakira's voters would be a smart move. Josiah is great eye candy, and as Dez Duron proved, you can ride that train pretty far. I don't think Vedo is particularly great, but his story is touching and I feel like Usher sees a lot of himself in Vedo. Finally, Michelle is the weird Internet favorite, so if Usher is looking for a diverse team, she'd be a great choice.


Ryan Innes is the only sure thing. I think Usher may want to go for the most diverse team possible, so I'll add Spanish-language singer Cathia, good-looking Josiah Hawley and oddball Michelle Chamuel. That's a foursome that won't be in danger of splitting votes because they'll all cater to a different segment of the audience.

What do you think about Team Usher on The Voice season 4? Which four contestants will survive the Knockout Rounds?

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