'The Voice' Recap: The Playoffs Continue with Adam Levine's Team
'The Voice' Recap: The Playoffs Continue with Adam Levine's Team
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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This is The Voice! The second night of the Playoffs follows the coaches as they tackle the daunting task of slimming their teams down for the live shows. Jennifer Hudson and Blake Sheldon have already trimmed each of their groups to three artists a piece. Next up, Adam Levine is in the hot seat.

As the competition moves along, any mistake made can honestly change the game as we've previously seen. Luckily, we aren't the ones changing these people's lives. We have the luxury of judging from the comfort of our homes!

Team Adam

Adam Cunningham ("Have a Little Faith in Me")

This particular Joe Cocker song choice is being dedicated to Adam C.'s wife, Courtney, who changed the game for him personally. The richness of his tone adds to the emotion of the performance. It's goosebump-worthy at times. Annie Oakley, aka Miley Cyrus (her tasseled western shirt is ridiculous), leans over to Jennifer, saying, "My mom is going to love him." She won't be the only one. This is a great start to the night, without a doubt.

Whitney Fenimore ("If It Makes You Happy") -- Adam's Comeback Artist

Adam made it a point to say that Whitney sings on key, a reason he kept her from going home. When singing Sheryl Crow, those notes must be immaculate. Sorry, Whitney. This one is not the redemption song. Even Miley looks on, wondering where it has all gone wrong. Blake agrees, saying, "The complete first half of the song was a struggle." Ultimately, the most important decision is Adam's, and he seems to be pleased.

Emily Luther ("Lovesong")

Anything ever touched by Adele will forever be difficult to leave positive impressions on stage. The potential is most definitely there. And as the strings play softly in the background, allowing Emily's voice to drift over them, it's then that she solidifies her position as the one to beat. It is a Bond-level performance in musicality and vocal performance. The falsetto may need a bit of work, but who cares?

Anthony Alexander ("Perfect")

Confidence is Anthony's Achilles' heel, and after confessing that he's never been in a relationship, this Ed Sheeran song could make or break him. Stripping the song down helps his voice to shine, yet his eyes continue to dart around the room. If only his self-esteem on stage matched his voice, all would be perfect and a force to be reckoned with. As of now, it's partly boring because he lacks command. The end picks up a bit, but too little too late.

Jon Mero ("When We Were Young")

Another Adele song? Okay, then. Swapping in a male voice on such a delicate song can be very interesting if done right and, oh, is it done right. Here is the command and confidence Anthony needs to find. An effortless voice poured over such touching lyrics and a high note that takes Jennifer to church is a recipe for a win. John even feels how powerful the performance is as it brings him to tears. He earns a standing ovation.

Addison Agen ("Angel from Montgomery")

Adam reminds Addison to focus and stay grounded. This teenager hasn't lived much and doesn't have the experience, but she has the voice. At the start, her tone is a catching one with soul, but somewhere, something lacks. Bonnie Raitt pulls her audience in with ease, but Addison hasn't found her way to capture that essence yet. She sounds good, but better has graced that stage. The coaches give a standing ovation, yet I think she still needs time.

Results: Adam keeps Addison Agen, Jon Mero and Adam Cunningham.

Some curveballs were thrown in this episode, that's for sure!

Which performances were your favorites? Did you agree with Adam's decisions? What did you think of Adam's "Pornstache" mustache (Orange is the New Black reference)?

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