'The Voice' Recap: The Coaches Complete Their Teams as the Blind Auditions End
'The Voice' Recap: The Coaches Complete Their Teams as the Blind Auditions End
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lucille barilla
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The Voice's seventh and final night of the Blind Auditions leads coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys to some of their toughest decisions as team leaders in the show's recent history, as they battle it out to form their final groups of contestants in their quest to find the voice of season 12.

It's the end of the Blind Auditions, and for the remaining artists, the stakes couldn't be higher. What will happen during episode 7? Let's find out in this recap.

Vanessa Ferguson ("Don't Let Me Down")

Vanessa was raised by her grandmother alongside an assorted group of extended family members from the time she was a young girl living in Brooklyn, New York. She learned to play piano at 5 years old and favors classical jazz and rock and roll but leans towards the blues as a singer. Vanessa has been pursuing a singing career since she was 4 and wanted to emulate Alicia Keys when she was a young adult. Now 31 years old, she is thrilled for the opportunity to perform for one of her idols and wants to set the stage on fire.

Alicia and Gwen turn their chairs around for this multi-talented musician, followed by Blake, who all see something amazing in Vanessa. Blake is thrilled with Vanessa's talents and lobbies hard to get her on his team. Alicia wants to discover more about Vanessa, as does Gwen, who says she wants to work alongside this great and talented young woman.

Result: Vanessa chooses Team Alicia

Dawson Coyle ("Happiness")

Dawson Coyle and his parents experienced a devastating house fire, which destroyed everything in their home, including all of Dawson's musical instruments. Their church community pulled together and helped the family regroup and rebuild, including purchasing Dawson new instruments so he could continue on his path towards music greatness. He and his family are continuing to grow together as they find their way once again to the lives they once had, relying on each other for love and support.

Blake hits his button for the young singer, and Dawson is immediately on his team. Blake says his favorite thing about Dawson's vibe is the passion he has in his voice and the dedication that Blake feels comes from within the young singer's soul as he conveys his musical message.

Result: Dawson is on Team Blake

Jozy Bernadette ("American Woman")

Jozy Bernadette is a former athlete who once attempted to follow in the footsteps of her father, a former NBA player, as a basketball superstar. She is now pursuing a career in music and sings at weddings as a way to gain stage experience. Jozy wants to work hard and make her dreams of professional singing come true, and always falls back on a piece of advice her father always gave her and her siblings: with dedication and persistence, you can make your dreams come true. She wants to hold nothing back during her Blind Audition because she feels she has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Adam and Gwen both turn around for Jozy, and they fight for the right to take this rock and roll singer all the way to the top in the competition show. Gwen wants her to stand out and stay true to her rock and roll roots on the show, calling it an amazing opportunity for Jozy to further her career.

Result: Jozy chooses Team Gwen

Stephen Bores ("Three Little Birds")

Stephen Bores is from Arlington, Illinois, and he says his town is so small that the only thing surrounding them is farms with nary a cityscape in sight. He and his father own a craft beer company and, together, they work hard at making it a successful business. Stephen says he really doesn't have a Plan B and that music is the only path to his heart. He also admits that Gwen Stefani's first album with her former band, No Doubt, was the first he ever purchased.

Stephen says he will continue to purse his music career despite none of the coaches turning their chairs around for him. They are complimentary in their praise of his talents.

Sheena Brook ("Baby Girl")

Sheena Brook and her wife, Summer, live and work together in Florida while Sheena pursues her singing career. Sheena used to sing rock and roll and even hip-hop but finds herself drawn to the country genre because she feels that it speaks to her soul. She thinks her appearance on the show will expose her talents to a wider audience. With the support of her wife, she feels she can accomplish her dream and get her message of positivity to the masses.

Adam is the first to turn his chair towards Sheena, and he is drawn to her image and her powerful voice. Since Adam is the only person to turn around, Sheena automatically scores a spot on his team. Alicia then breaks out a puppet that looks mysteriously like Adam and taunts him with it as she explains why she didn't hit her button for Sheena, even though she needs a final singer for her team. Adam admits that he is fearful of puppets as Alicia makes fun of him with his stuffed likeness.

Result: Sheena is on Team Adam

Chris Blue ("Tracks of My Tears")

Chris Blue is the youngest of seven children. He and all of his siblings sing and, together, they have a band called The Blue Brothers. They performed on the long-running Bobby Jones Gospel Show on BET from the time Chris was a young boy and throughout his high school years. Chris is currently a worship leader at his church in Knoxville, TN. He dedicates his performance to his fiancee, Stephanie, who is battling bone marrow cancer. Chris is taking all his love for her and pushing it into his music career.

Alicia turns her chair around for Chris and admits that she is looking for a male voice that is soulful and bluesy, and she is thrilled to find that with Chris, who is the final member of Team Alicia.

Result: Chris is on Team Alicia

Who was your favorite performer of the night? Do you think that Gwen, Alicia, Adam and Blake each have strong enough teams going into the Battle Rounds? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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