'The Voice' Recap: Battle Rounds, Part 4
'The Voice' Recap: Battle Rounds, Part 4
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Welcome to the final night of battles. Are you ready for a jam-packed hour with the final performances, including a few we probably won't see? I'm most excited to hear Holly Henry tonight.

They've made us wait until the end, and I'm expecting her to bring it. Between her and Stephanie Anne Johnson, I can't remember who else hasn't gone off the top of my head. Obviously, these two have made a pretty big impression.

So here's to hoping they've saved the best for last. But I mean, almost anything might be better than Monday night's overall battles.

We'll also find out who Cee Lo uses for the final save of the Battle Rounds. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, and the live blog!

Team Cee Lo: Jonny Gray vs. Shawn Smith ("Refugee" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Well, it's the two military guys (and my complete apologies to Jonny for not remembering he hadn't performed). And Cee Lo went to military school as well? The tune is a little bit of country and little bit of rock 'n roll, which fits them both. During final rehearsals, Jonny's hair is quite luscious. Miguel wants Shawn to spread his legs because he looks like a dad.

I'd like them to be a group -- they're a great pairing. Shawn still is a little awkward on stage, while Jonny is more of a natural. You can't really dismiss the unique quality to Jonny's voice. 

Christina regrets not pushing her button. (Yeah, what was she thinking?) Jonny is the winner! Cee Lo says his voice just cuts through.

Team Adam: Barry Black vs. Preston Pohl ("I Wish It Would Rain" by The Temptations)

Well, they're similar. Soul singers, which is why Adam says they're together. And there can only be one of them? Someone should tell that to Blake. It's a little annoying because they both deserve to advance, but because they're similar, only one can survive. Adam wants them to know less is more when it comes to this song.

I guess they are pretty much the same singer. One just has more rasp. And Barry does the horn thing. Preston's high notes are rather unpleasant. I prefer Barry because he's less scratchy, but I doubt Adam will pick him. I don't really think his horn is gimmicky because he used it in a good spot.

Adam says the decision is "relatively clear," and Preston is the winner! Blake wants Cee Lo to use his steal, but he's not budging because he's looking for the prize.

Team Blake: Holly Henry vs. Cilla Chan ("Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia)

The next three are the fast forwards. 

Poor Cilla. She gets the short end of the stick during the Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds. She really must not be exciting. And if Holly has to sing this song, it's a good thing we don't hear it because the uptempo beat of this song makes her sound breathy. I'm having a hard time recognizing the angelic quality she had in the blinds. But Holly is the winner!

Team Blake: Emily Randolph vs Brandon Chase ("Tiny Dancer" by Elton John)

This could've been rather karaoke, but the quick clip makes me wish I heard more. Due to his further development, Brandon is the winner!

Team Cee Lo: Tamara Chaumiece vs. Keaira Lashae ("Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie)

Sorry, ladies, but who and who? Tamara is the winner.

Team Christina: Olivia Henken vs. Stephanie Anne Johnson ("Done" by The Band Perry)

Congrats, ladies, you're both going to make it since this is the final performance -- one will be the winner and the other will be Cee Lo's steal. But, well, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that the country song suits the country girl, which somehow seems to amaze Christina. Puh-lease. Christina dubs them the "sass-masters" right before they go on stage. 

Okay, I love Stephanie Anne's potential, but the song's made for Olivia, and Stephanie Anne's just singing along, even though it's good. It's kind of a mouthful, the song, and it doesn't lend to her unique tone coming out. It's funny the final song is called "Done" because I'm done -- so done -- with the Battle Rounds.

Cee Lo gives it to Stephanie Anne, which I hope is a nice foreshadow to his steal. Adam says because of her grit, he goes with her too. Blake -- eyeroll -- goes with the country girl. He even says Stephanie Anne "fell way out of the pocket" at some point. Well, yeah. She didn't know the song at all before Christina assigned it to her. Olivia is the winner!

Cee Lo has no choice but to steal Stephanie Anne! (Not that it's a bad thing.)

Now we've got the Knockouts coming up. Tessanne's singing a girl power song (not surprising), while Ashley's going with "Soul Sister."

And now we find out the coaches have one last steal in the Knockout Rounds! Wow. Will any coach steal their original singer? Which unfortunate singer will lose twice and be stolen twice? This has made the Knockouts that much more interesting.

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