'The Voice' Interviews: Stephanie Anne Johnson on Her Grandma, Holly on Singing Pop and More
'The Voice' Interviews: Stephanie Anne Johnson on Her Grandma, Holly on Singing Pop and More
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The Battle Rounds concluded this week with a dozen more pairings singing it out in The Voice fighting ring. Three of the advancing artists -- James Wolpert, Holly Henry and Stephanie Anne Johnson -- joined the media in a conference call to share their thoughts on a variety of topics.

Stephanie's Grandma Loves Cee Lo

There might be a new budding star on The Voice after Tuesday's show -- and it's Stephanie Anne Johnson's grandma, who was adorable in the stands cheering for her granddaughter and later backstage with Cee Lo, who used the final steal on Stephanie.

"My grandmother has never heard of Cee Lo Green before in her life, and I think she still thinks his name is Kilo. She told me as I was leaving the house this morning -- she wanted me to remember to be nice to Mr. Kilo," she said with a laugh.

As for her battle, she said taking on a country song wasn't completely out of the box for her. She does like the "golden age" of country music, citing artists like Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. She said her modern country knowledge ends with Gretchen Wilson, so singing "Done" by The Band Perry was a learning experience.

Cee Lo is a better fit for her because he won't try to mold her into what he thinks she should be -- he'll just try to bring out the best in her. We'll have to see if that's what actually happens because I've yet to hear her take on a song that suits her perfectly.

Holly Staying Indie

Holly Henry wants you to know that she's not a pop singer, which is why performing "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia was not her cup of tea. Hearing just a small slice of her battle was enough for us to know that the haunting voice we heard singing "The Scientist" during the Blind Auditions was nowhere to be seen.

I wish we saw the whole battle so Blake could explain himself with that ridiculous song choice. It's like he had mailed it in -- I mean, he paired someone who was such a standout during Blinds with someone we hardly knew. It's like he knew he was going with Holly anyway so he just gave her this throwaway song.

"I had never sung that song before in my life. ... If it were up to me, I probably would've given [the battle to Cilla, let's be honest," Holly said. "I tried to make it so that my style came through because I can't change to be a pop vocalist."

James the Stockbroker

When Adam told James Wolpert he looked like a stockbroker, it was a tiny jab. But it was totally true as he donned a collar shirt under a sweater -- for a rock song like "Radioactive." Despite the critique on his image, James is not intending to change his style anytime soon.

"I didn't ever consider dressing the part for that song. I think contrast is good, and I think the dynamic contrast between what I looked like and what I was doing is one of my strengths," James said. "And it's one of the things that the coaches highlighted during my blind audition, and it's something I wanted to play up.

"I intend to keep looking as snazzy as I possibly can."

In case you were wondering, James said he's also received comments that he looks like Peter Parker, which makes me want to see him in a Spidey suit now.

As for his song, he admitted it was tough to take on Imagine Dragons, which is an understatement. He was straining, and I think more than a few people will agree that Will Champlain had a better vocal than him.

"[Adam] told us that the reason he picked that song was to put both Will and I out of our comfort zones, and he succeeded," James said. "I think it's nice to go in directions that you wouldn't normally go, especially when you have such a huge and glorious stage to do it on."

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