'The Voice' Interviews: Malik Davage Explains Why He Was So Emotional After His Blind Audition
'The Voice' Interviews: Malik Davage Explains Why He Was So Emotional After His Blind Audition
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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The coaches on The Voice are continuing to score more contestants on their teams for season 12. There are only a handful of spots left, but a few more of them were filled during night five of the Blind Auditions.

BuddyTV participated in a conference call with the advancing artists from that night, and they shared their thoughts on the experience. Malik Davage explained why he was so emotional after his performance. Johnny Gates described the experience of opening for Rod Stewart. And Caroline Sky talked about how being in a band with her family has helped her. Read on for all the details.

Why was Malik Davage So Emotional After His Performance?

One of the most memorable moments from this episode of The Voice was Malik Davage getting emotional after his Blind Audition. I asked him to explain what was going through his head in that moment.

"The moment was just awesome. Just going in, it was a lot of nerves going on and thinking, okay, I have a lot going on in my head as far as whether or not a chair will turn or how well I would sound," he said. "And then I have my mom and my daughter watching, so it's even more nerve-racking knowing that they're watching and everyone's rooting [me] on, so it was an awesome experience. And just seeing Adam turn around, it was just so, so great to get that opportunity.

Speaking of which, Malik also mentioned that landing on Adam Levine's team was the best thing that could have happened to him as he's starting his journey on The Voice.

He said, "I feel like if anyone were to turn, and just knowing that it's a one-chair turn, I felt like [it's] the best chair turn for me because Adam is one of the guys who I listened to growing up. And knowing that he's worked with so many different artists that I've listened to and I've grown accustomed to, it's just one of those situations where if he turns his chair ... this is one of my best options."

Johnny Gates on Why Opening for Rod Stewart was a "Dream Come True"

Johnny Gates revealed on the show that he and his band, Runaway Saints, opened for Rod Stewart on his tour. "It was like a dream come true for me," Johnny said, and went on to share a story about his mother.

"My mom is a massive Rod Stewart fan," he explained. "So growing up, it was always kind of a joke that my mom is obsessed with Rod Stewart. So whenever I got that specific call that we were going on the road with him, we had never played arenas before, anything that size ever. And the fact that we were going out with him, it made me sort of feel like I was on the right track with my life and this journey. And just being out with him was inspiring. He has such a cool voice, and to watch him work the crowd and to make an arena feel like an intimate kind of vibe, it was cool."

He added, "My parents came out to the first show. And for my mom to see me opening up for her favorite artist, it was a proud moment for me."

It was then fitting that Johnny performed one of Rod Stewart's songs, "Maggie May," for his Blind Audition. "I've been trying to find singers that have somewhat similar qualities and tone. And I love Rod Stewart, and we were literally just coming off that tour when I even started thinking about The Voice."

He went on to say, "I must have been playing Rod Stewart in my car and just around the house. So when the time came to pick a song, I felt like it had worked on the road and I had watched him [perform] it every night with that song, and I wanted to see if I could follow up."

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Being in a Band, Music Genres and Leaving a Record Label

As mentioned, Johnny was in a band called the Runaway Saints. He described their sound as "more of a rock n' roll kind of vibe." But for his solo music, he's going for "a more stripped-down version. ... I do a lot of the solo stuff for my shows on an electric guitar with a reverb-y kind of sound."

Runaway Saints did have a record deal at one point, but they ended up leaving the label and have never released an album as a result. "What's tough about Runaway Saints is we spent years at a record label and we never officially released an album, which is why we decided to leave the label and go to LA. We've been playing together for literally 13 years, so that's a long build-up for one album."

Johnny is interested in working with his band on an album in the future, but his focus right now is his solo work and The Voice.

Speaking of bands, Caroline Sky was in a band with her family. She told me that that experience has really helped her with learning how to perform and learning to love music at a young age.

"We never got to a professional level," she said. "We mostly played for family members, but I think it gave me a really good foundation of singing in front of people, even if it was just for 20 people in our living room. And it inspired me to play with other people and to learn from other people as much as I possibly could."

Was Malik's emotional moment a highlight of the episode for you? Would you want to see Johnny release music with his band? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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