'Saturday Night Live' Videos: The Best and Worst of Host Adam Levine
'Saturday Night Live' Videos: The Best and Worst of Host Adam Levine
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Voice coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine went from singe to host on this week's Saturday Night Live. The show itself was wildly hit-or-miss and Levine didn't quite live up to the high bar Justin Timberlake has set for singer hosts.

Instead, Levine spent most of the time struggling to read the cue cards and playing himself in two different sketches, always a sign that the show is in trouble. To his credit, Levine did prove to be quite talented parodying Catfish host Nev.

The highlights of the episode were primarily in the pre-taped segments including a great Sopranos parody and a new Digital Short. The live sketches, however, were as uninspired as the ones last week with Jennifer Lawrence.


Catfish: The TV Show

This was, hands down, the best sketch of the night. It perfectly lampooned the show's obvious flaws, like how the mysterious Internet people are always willing to meet for the first time now that a camera crew is involved, and Levine did a fantastic job mocking host Nev's self-aggrandizement. Anyone who has watched Catfish can tell you how spot-on Levine's impression was.

YOLO Digital Short

Andy Samberg and the Digital Short crew made a triumphant return which highlighted how subpar the pre-taped segments have been without them.

The Sopranos Diaries

A parody of the CW's new show The Carrie Diaries, this spoof looked at the teen life in the '80s of The Sopranos characters. It made no sense, but the characters were all well-done, including the always-annoying Janice.


Adam Levine got off to a decent start when three coaches spun around in their chairs, Voice-style, to be his comedy coach: Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld. Guest stars always make SNL better, and the random ending of Adam taking his shirt off was a nice treat for the ladies.

Obama and MLK
The opening featured President Obama in inauguration night talking to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ghost, but all MLK was interested in talking about was Beyonce lip-syncing and Michelle's new bangs. It wasn't the best, but compared to the rest of the show, it was a gem.


Circle Work

I guess Adam Levine and Kenan Thompson hosting a show on "The Gay Network" in which they think all men are gay is supposed to be funny. It was not.

Adam and Janet

Bobby Moynihan put on a wig and seduced Adam Levine. If aggressively raunchy sex jokes are your thing, maybe this sketch worked for you, but it just came across as awkward and painful to me.


This may be one of the most head-scratchingly pointless sketches in SNL history. The entire joke seemed to be Bill Hader yelling in a high-pitched voice over another firefighter talking to a girl he used to date.

Alt Rock Rumble

This sketch featured Maroon 5 rumbling with Train, Jason Mraz and John Mayer. It was a funny concept, but it didn't really work thanks to subpar performances and not enough jokes.

What did you think of Adam Levine hosting Saturday Night Live? Did he do a decent job or did the bad writing let him down?

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