NBC Orders Fall Season of 'The Voice', Plots More Changes To Series
NBC Orders Fall Season of 'The Voice', Plots More Changes To Series
That rumor about The Voice going to two cycles a year is no longer a rumor: it's official. According to a report from THR, NBC announced today that it's moving forward with double-dipping the hit show, starting in "winter/spring 2013."

An NBC press release confirmed that the show is on the network's schedule for fall 2012. That means season 3 will air this year, with season 4 to follow in the series' regular spring slot in 2013.

With the additional order, there will likely (but not definitely) be turnover in the show's infamous big red chairs. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera may not be able to commit to two rounds of the program a year and maintain their own separate musical careers. Admits NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt in the article, "Two commitments a year is more than they expected."

Those won't be the only changes that you're going to see when the show returns next year. Instead of introducing a Tuesday show only during the live rounds, that third hour will now be a permanent part of the competition.

The blind audition rounds may be extended again (there were five nights of them in season two) while Greenblatt wants to get to the live shows more quickly, and another proposed change involves working the big red chairs into the battle rounds.

None of this is shocking news, given that The Voice has been NBC's biggest success in recent memory, and the network wants to capitalize on that as much as possible - but the news does lead to a number of questions for fans of the show.

Will three hours of the show for just over three months (season two began on February 5 and ended on May 8) twice a year be too much?

Will viewers watch a second cycle with different coaches? What different coaches could be found that would match the power - and more importantly, the chemistry - of Levine, Shelton, Green and Aguilera? (Especially as coaches seem to be in high demand, with the international editions of The Voice in the UK and Australia, and now ABC's Duets, having cast several "names" familiar to US music fans.)

If the blind auditions are extended beyond five nights and NBC wants to get to the live shows faster, that means the battle rounds will get shorter - what will they look like?

All of those are questions we likely won't get answers to for awhile (although I'll stay on top of the news as it develops!). But what say you, Voice fans? Are you excited for more of your show or would you prefer it to stick to once a year? Do you like the proposed changes? Would you watch the show with different coaches?

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