Why are the 'Vampire Diaries' Werewolves So Lame?
Why are the 'Vampire Diaries' Werewolves So Lame?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This year on The Vampire Diaries was supposed to be the season of the wolf. The arrival of Mason and Tyler's transformation helped introduce werewolves into the show's mythology. But instead of being scary, the werewolves have turned out to be a real dud.

In the past two weeks, the number of dead werewolves has climbed to double digits thanks to the forest brawl and the arrival of Elijah. Early on we were told that werewolves are an endangered species, now we know why. It's not the vampires who suck, it's the werewolves.

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Sure, Jules was able to bite Rose, making her crazy, but even in the end of that story, it was Damon, a vampire, who killed her. The werewolves on this show aren't scary and they're only a threat once a month. It's a good thing Tyler and Jules left town at the end of last night's episode, because staying in Mystic Falls is a death sentence for werewolves.

How does The Vampire Diaries solve the problem of lame werewolves? The show needs to do for them what it did for vampires: dive deeper into their hierarchy. With vampires, we've seen that the older ones are stronger (remember Lexi beating up Damon?) and this season the show introduced the Originals, uber-vamps who can compel other vampires and who are immune to wooden stakes in the heart.

Are their werewolf originals? Are some werewolves stronger than others? The Vampire Diaries brought in a ton of new werewolves to help Tyler understand his new condition, but they all died so quickly that they didn't have the chance to teach him anything.

My hope is that while Tyler and Jules are away, she'll teach him everything she knows about werewolf mythology and perhaps she'll show him a few tricks to ensure that he's not a sitting duck for vampire attacks most of the month. The Vampire Diaries needs a big, bad wolf, one who doesn't die so easily and one who can do some real damage. If they don't, then the werewolves on this show are just silly little dogs and the only trick they know is how to play dead.

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