Three Things to Look Forward to When 'The Vampire Diaries' Returns in January
Three Things to Look Forward to When 'The Vampire Diaries' Returns in January
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The Vampire Diaries has left us high and dry with lots of cliffhangers and unsolved mysteries. While I don't know who turned Logan Fell into a vampire or who caused Elena's accident, I do have some teasers to look forward to when The Vampire Diaries returns in January, thanks to TV Guide Magazine.

Warning: Spoiler Ahead!!!

The Damon/Stefan/Elena Triangle

Fans who have been waiting for some sparks between Damon and Elena will finally get their wish when The Vampire Diaries returns next year with a "very Damon and Elena-centric story."

"The two of them go off on a little adventure and bond in a way she didn't think they were capable of," co-executive producer Julie Plec told TV Guide. "Having left her necklace behind with the vervaine, the question is: Is Damon taking Elena along of her own free will or is he controlling her to enjoy the experience?"

"Damon's heart belongs to Katherine forever and always. But as we go through the rest of the season, he's going to get to know Elena better and better. And can Elena and Stefan's relationship survive her learning the truth about Katherine? Damon never lied to her and didn't' have sex with her. At least not yet," she added.

The Mystery Vampire

Though there is no word yet on this new mystery vamp on the loose, but his identity and ultimate agenda in Mystic Falls are the show's next big focus, according to Plec. And as we unearth more details about the new vamp, we'll also learn more about the 27 tombs and the possible aftermath if the tombs are opened.

More Alaric Saltzman

Is he really a vampire or a slayer? We'll learn more about history teacher Alaric Saltzman as The Vampire Diaries reveals his surprising back-story. Alaric's endgame isn't clear at this point, but for now it looks like he'll serve as a new father figure for Jeremy.

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