The Vampire Diaries: Who is Anna?
The Vampire Diaries: Who is Anna?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Vampire Diaries is a lot like 24, and not just because Paul Wesley appeared on both shows this week.  While every new character introduced on 24 is instantly under scrutiny as a mole, every new Vampire Diaries character is a possible vampire.

Such is the case with Anna, the awkward home schooled girl Jeremy flirted with in the library.  This new girl comes out of nowhere, is allegedly "home schooled" and has an intense interest in vampire mythology and old family journals.

So what's the deal with Anna?  Is she a vampire, a completely innocent girl or something else entirely?  I currently have four possible theories.

The obvious answer is that she's a vampire.  She knows a lot about them and she's a little too interested in Jeremy and his ancestors' journal about the demons.  Perhaps she's on her own mission to open Katherine's Tomb, or maybe she's the mysterious stranger who caused Elena's car accident.

Every vampire story needs werewolves, this is a fact.  Maybe she smelled the residual vampiric energy from Jeremy based on Damon's spell and she's interested in the source, hence the heavy flirting.  It also makes sense that if Elena is attracted to supernatural creatures, her brother would be too.

Elena's Twin Sister
This is currently my top theory.  We learned that Elena was adopted, and that her resemblance to Katherine most likely means she's a Pierce, not a Gilbert.  My guess would be that Anna is also a Pierce, most likely half of a set of twins separated at birth because, if they stay together, some prophecy foretold they would open Katherine's Tomb together.  Either that, or I've been hitting the vodka and watching reruns of Passions.

No One
In the most boring possibility of all, we have to accept that Anna could be a total red herring.  Maybe she's not special or supernatural, maybe she's just an awkward home schooled girl who has a crush on Jeremy.  And if you believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

So what do you think Anna's secret is?

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