'The Vampire Diaries' Video: Lauren Cohan Returns in 'Heart of Darkness'
'The Vampire Diaries' Video: Lauren Cohan Returns in 'Heart of Darkness'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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When The Vampire Diaries returns on April 19, the show will bring along more than one returning character with it. One of those characters -- a certain vampire who goes by the name of Rose -- has been missing for a long time. How will she return in "Heart of Darkness"? Keep reading for more details and a video preview.

WARNING: There may be a few Vampire Diaries spoilers ahead. We're only talking about an official Vampire Diaries promo video, but still you might not want to know. So it's OK if you don't want to keep reading. We'll understand.

"Heart of Darkness" finds Elena and Damon traveling to Colorado to meet up with Jeremy-in-exile. Why? Apparently they want to use Jeremy's intermittent talking-to-the-dead talents to ask the vampire Rose who sired her. That way, the Salvatores will be able to figure out which Original needs to stay alive.

Because it wouldn't be any fun to just watch Jeremy talk to empty air, Rose herself (Lauren Cohan), does indeed make an appearance.

How does that all work out? Check out the Vampire Diaries promo video below:

  • Ah, Damon! Always there to remind us of amusing redundancy!
  • Hey! Rose is a shipper! And sorry, Stelena fans. Rose is firmly on team Delena. Considering how close she was with Damon, that's not a huge surprise.
  • Does Elena have feelings for Damon? Feelings that she's willing to admit?
  • It's too bad that Stefan is apparently unwilling to fight for his girl.
  • There's plenty of other fighting though -- check out the baseball-bat action!
  • Who exactly are the two blondes holding hands in front of the fireplace? And what are they doing?

"Heart of Darkness" marks the first return of Lauren Cohan to The Vampire Diaries since the season 2 episode in which she succumbed to a werewolf bite. The actress has more recently featured in another TV drama about supernatural-style monsters, The Walking Dead.

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"Heart of Darkness" will air on Thursday, April 19 at 8pm on The CW.

(Image and video courtesy of The CW)