'The Vampire Diaries' Video and Preview: 10 Things to Know About 'Memorial'
'The Vampire Diaries' Video and Preview: 10 Things to Know About 'Memorial'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Now that Elena is a vampire, it's time for The Vampire Diaries season 4 to get moving. How will the newest bloodsucker in town adjust? What new dangers will those crazy kids face now that the Founders' Council is gone? Check out this "Memorial" video clip and our 10 Vampire Diaries spoilers for a hint!

First of all, get ready for the new Vampire Diaries episode with a new clip:

Poor Damon, drinking alone at the bar... But will he be able to help Elena get through her blood issues?

I am so not going to answer that. Instead, here are 10 things I will tell you about "Memorial."

1. Two new characters arrive.
Look for the first appearances on The Vampire Diaries of April Young, the writing-loving daughter of the late Pastor, and Connor, a violent badass in town for reasons he keeps to himself.

2. This is not the best episode to watch while eating.
While there is often blood on The Vampire Diaries, it usually isn't terribly disgusting. Just a little artfully applied red on the neck or the lips...

This is not the case in "Memorial." There is a lot of blood. Much of this blood appears in very, very yucky ways. Messy ways.

3. Two people get stabbed.
In addition to there being a lot of blood, there is also a lot of violence in this TVD episode. You can expect both newcomers in town to be involved with this violence. Why and how must, however, remain a mystery.

4. Elena drinks a lot more than a drop of blood.
Were you as disappointed as I was when it only took one finger dipped in blood to turn Elena into a vampire? Surely she needs more blood than that?

Elena certainly does need and want more blood in "Memorial." Fortunately, there is an abundance of sources surrounding her.

5. This is not an episode for lovers of Bambi.
No further explanation is needed, I assume.

6. The title, "Memorial," refers to more than one event that occurs in the episode.
One of the events, seen in photos released for "Memorial," is a large and public service honoring some recently deceased and supposedly honorable people in the town of Mystic Falls. The other is a smaller and quieter event.

7. Stefan punches Damon.
Damon deserves it. As usual.

8. Irony is not something recognized by the party-planners of Mystic Falls.
How do you commemorate the deaths of those who die in a violent and explosive fire? Those of us who think about things before immediately planning an event might avoid floating candles. Just saying...

9. Damon expresses feelings of loss in more than one touching way.
Very little time has passed since the end of season 3. That's when Damon lost his best friend, had Elena confirm that she would choose Stefan, and then watched his beloved join the undead. This episode of The Vampire Diaries shows Damon processing his grief.

10. The biggest heroes of the episode are not people you would expect.
This rules out Stefan, Damon and Elena.

"Memorial" airs on Thursday, October 18 at 8pm on The CW.

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