The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Best Moments from "Haunted"
The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Best Moments from "Haunted"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Vampire Diaries celebrated Halloween with an episode sure to divide fans.  While the first six episodes were all building up to a great boil, the show made one big change this week by killing off a major and beloved character, for real.

The episode explored Vicki's newfound vampire abilities while everyone around her worried about what was happening.  The Vampire Diaries had more great lines, witty Damon moments, and just a little bit of Bonnie's witchy adventure to move her story forward a tiny bit more.  But here are my five favorite moments, all of which include my two favorite characters, Vicki and Damon.

Vicki Fights Elena
When these two ladies had their inaugural showdown, it was full of bad-ass Vicki choking Elena and assuring her that she'll do whatever she wants with Elena's brother Jeremy.  It was a fascinating scene not just because Kayla Ewell is suddenly fantastic as Vicki, but because their issues about dating each others' brothers "pre-date the whole vampire thing" as Vicki said.

Damon Seduces Tyler's Mom
The mysterious Council is still hard at work trying to rid Mystic Falls of its vampire infestation, and while Tyler Lockwood's mom may be immune to Damon's vampire powers of mind control, she couldn't resist his charm.  Not only did she reveal a lot about the Council's plan, but Damon proved that he doesn't need mind control to get women to do whatever he wants.

Vicki Kisses Jeremy
In one of TV's most disturbing kisses of all-time, Vicki bit Jeremy's lip, then licked up the blood before going back to kissing him.

Vicki Dies Again
I've loved the past few episodes of The Vampire Diaries, but I think the show made a huge mistake killing off Vampire Vicki, for real this time.  She was quickly becoming a great character, and then the show tragically had her attack Elena, forcing Stefan to stake her.  Still, it was a shocking and heartbreaking moment.

Damon Erases Jeremy's Memory
Damon may act like a cold bastard, but he proved he's capable of some compassion, stepping in at the very end and agreeing to help Elena by erasing Jeremy's memory of seeing Vicki die.  It was a huge gesture that showed another side to Damon.

Damon's 5 Best Quotes from "Haunted"

"'Dude,' really?  'Dude'?"
- After ripping Tyler up from the ground, Damon's amusement over Tyler calling him "dude" was priceless

"Snatch, Eat, Erase." - Damon's people-eating motto

"He's upstairs singing 'The Rain in Spain.'"
- Not only am I impressed with Damon's ability to make a reference to the musical My Fair Lady, comparing Stefan to Professor Henry Higgins trying to teach a cockney woman to speak properly, but I'm astonished that The Vampire Diaries would make a reference that most of the young fans probably didn't understand

" bad." - Another classic Damon line after Vicki runs away following a tutorial in how to speed around

"You confuse me for someone with remorse." - Damon's cold and callous response to Elena upon discovering Vicki's dead (again) body, which turned out to be a lie after he came to Elena's aide with Jeremy

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