'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Kinky Menage a Threesomes
'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Kinky Menage a Threesomes
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Just when you thought the story on The Vampire Diaries was as rich and complex as possible, things get a lot more interesting.  In 1864, there are a ton of revelations, mostly that Damon really did love and want Katherine to turn him.  Also, Anna is the daughter of an old vampire friend of Katherine's named Pearl who is one of the other 26 vampires in the Tomb.

In the present, there are just as many big twists.  Alaric tells Stefan about what Damon did to his wife.  Damon learns the truth about Anna.  And Stefan tracks down Emily's spellbook in his father's grave, only Damon takes it.  That probably won't matter since hunky bartender Ben kidnaps Bonnie after she finds out he's a vampire and Anna kidnaps Elena.  I say this every week, but The Vampire Diaries continues to impress me.  More happens in every episode than happens in an entire season of most shows.

Just as great as the plots are the relationships, because The Vampire Diaries has about a million sexy and thrilling love triangles.

In 1864, Katherine has her way with both guys, meaning that Nina Dobrev officially has the best job in the world.  While Stefan is foolishly smitten, Damon is much more self aware, wanting her to turn him.  It's nice to see Damon is the one truly in love and Stefan as the real villain in the past.

Damon continues to hilariously flirt his way through everyone, but he seems to actually get his heart crushed when he learns that not only did Stefan lie to him about wanting to help open the Tomb, but Elena lied as well.

Damon-Aunt Jenna-Alaric
There isn't a lot to this one, but while Damon was over at the Gilbert house, Aunt Jenna definitely took notice of how hot he is, probably wanting her and her niece to double date with the Salvatore brothers.  I'm guessing Aunt Jenna will be the key to resolving the Alaric-Damon feud.

Ben, the hunky bartender, is officially inducted into the Vampire Diaries Hall of Hotness by parading around in nothing but a towel for an entire scene.  He's still a very new vampire willing to do whatever Anna tells him, such as seduce Bonnie.  But when Bonnie finally gets up the nerve to kiss him, she flashes on his secret, forcing him to take her by force.

Anna is a lot like the new Katherine, playing both of these boys for fools, using Ben to get the witch and using Jeremy to get the journal.  Like an onion of awesomeness, the more we learn about Anna, the more I love her.

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