'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Sacrifice Causes a Ton of Tragedy
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Sacrifice Causes a Ton of Tragedy
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Wow, say hello to the most depressing episode of The Vampire Diaries ever, and also one of the best. Klaus finally performed the Sacrifice and it went off exactly as planned, with plenty of major deaths. When Elena dying and coming back as a human is the only good thing to happen, you know things are bad.

The Sacrifice comes in three stages: first killing the werewolf, then the vampire and finally the doppelganger.

Stage 1: The Werewolf

Jules gets one last chance at redemption by telling Elena she was only trying to help Tyler before Klaus starts the Sacrifice by ripping out her heart. That's one dead wolf. Meanwhile, the original werewolf, Tyler, survives thanks to Caroline, but the bigger problem is that Matt explains how he and Sheriff Forbes secretly know everything. He also breaks up with her, but Caroline gets a pretty good consolation prize: cuddling with a hot, naked Tyler.

Stage 2: The Vampire

Aunt Jenna is scared and confused, but the transformation is completed when Greta feeds Jenna her blood. However, after everyone learns about her fate, Stefan decides to alter the plan by offering up himself as the Sacrifice instead of Jenna.

Stefan arrives to make the trade, but Klaus isn't interested because he has bigger plans for Stefan, so he stabs him and tosses him to the side. Ooh, does Klaus want to turn Stefan into a hybrid?

Then it's time for the second stage of the Sacrifice. Jenna tries to fight back, but she's stopped quickly and then Klaus walks over to her slowly and ...

Aunt Jenna is killed! Is it possible to be both shocked and not surprised at all? Because I'm both of those things right now.

Stage 3: The Doppelganger

The B team (Bonnie, Jeremy, John and Alaric) spend the episode researching ways to make sure Elena doesn't turn into a vampire when Klaus kills her.

The plan has to do with tethering Elena's soul to John's with some witchy-woo craziness. When it's time, Bonnie, Damon and Elijah take off, leaving John, Alaric and Jeremy behind because the Sacrifice is no place for regular humans.

Klaus steps up to Elena and drinks her blood, successfully completing the Sacrifice. She dies and he starts to change into a full werevamp, but then it's time for Bonnie to show up.

First Damon snaps Greta's neck and then Bonnie uses her super witch powers to strike down Klaus. Everything is working out and Elijah shows up to deliver the final blow. But there's a twist.

Elijah thought that Klaus killed their family and scattered them in the sea so they could never come back, but actually Klaus his them somewhere, but Elijah will only find them if he saves Klaus. So Elijah apologizes and runs away with his brother the werevamp, still alive. Genius!

I know we probably won't get to see this unfold until season 3, but I'm very excited about the prospect of seeing the whole family of Originals, plus Klaus' reign as a werevamp. The only problem is that, since he didn't die, Katherine is stuck in Alaric's apartment. I smell an Odd Couple style roommate situation ahead with Alaric and Katherine and, as disturbing as it sounds, maybe even a romance. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

Stage 4: The Aftermath

So Klaus is a full werevamp and he's still alive, Jules and Jenna are dead and Elena was killed. But on the bright side, the magic tethering spell worked and Elena comes back as a human. The only side effect is that it kills John!

Elena already lost her parents and her biological mom, now in one episode she loses her aunt and biological dad. The Salvatores organize a private, secret funeral, maybe to deal with the fact that Elena and Jeremy now have no legal guardian.

Oh yeah, and Damon was still bitten by Tyler, so he's slowly, secretly dying and going insane. But that's for next week's finale.>

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