'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Betrayal Wins the Day
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Betrayal Wins the Day
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Vampire Diaries mid-season finale definitely shook up relationships in Mystic Falls. "O Come, All Ye Faithful" had plenty of betrayals, failed plans, and heartbreak. The quest for a vampirism cure is still on track or is it? With so many secrets, it's difficult to know whether people are telling the truth or doing what needs to be done for their own agenda.

Tyler's Plan Goes Bust

What the heck was Tyler thinking? In order to give the Hybrids time to escape, he was going to switch bodies with Klaus and entomb himself in concrete? I'm sorry, but that was a stupid plan. And, it makes no sense for him to risk his life like that for the other Hybrids. 

There's been no build up of loyalty between them to justify his plan. The only explanation is that Hayley put him up to it and because of their bond, he went along with it. But, then again, she had her own agenda all along.

Klaus Goes on a Killing Spree

Was Klaus in on the plan with Hayley and Shane the whole time? Or, did Hayley tell Klaus the Hybrids were un-sired and he just went ballistic and killed them? This could have been played out a little more clearly.

Based on Klaus's speech about loneliness to Stefan, I lean towards the second especially since Tyler's plan revolved around Klaus killing the Hybrids if he found out they were un-sired. If that's the case, Shane and Hayley had to take a leap of faith that Klaus would sacrifice all 12 of the Hybrids.

Though, that creates another question. Shane wanted the Hybrids sacrificed to unlease an evil power. Assuming that happens, how does he plan on gaining that power for himself unless Klaus is working with him. Very confusing.

Damon Lets Elena Go, But Too Late

Damon struggled with his decision to let Elena go. While he knew it was the right thing to do for her and his brother, it also was painful for him and Elena too. Even though he waited a day to release her, he never slept with her or took advantage of her after he knew she was sired to him.

Despite that, Damon's delay is going to cause an even greater strain between the Salvatore brothers. I understand why Caroline allowed Stefan to figure out what happened between Damon and Elena, but it's unfortunate since she doesn't know the full story.

If the Elena's feelings for Damon remain, then what comes next for her? She's not going to run back into Stefan's arms. She got into the car to leave because of the sire bond, not because she didn't still love Damon.

The only way to resolve this is to find a way to truly break the sire bond. If that's not possible, then perhaps Damon can use the bond to give her free will. 

At the End of the Night, Tragedy Struck

Klaus not only killed the Hybrids, he took out his anger at Tyler on Mayor Lockwood. He has no one left and is all alone, so he wanted Tyler to feel that same isolation. Though, Tyler still has Caroline, right? Or, will the devastation of the night pull her away from him too?

Plus, there is a new wrinkle: April knows about everything; he saw the dead Hybrids and staked Rebekah. At least her search for Rebekah is over. What will she do with this information? It will be intriguing to see what comes next now that a new outsider knows the secret of Mystic Falls.

A Hunter to Train and a "Cure" to Find

With Bonnie's help, Jeremy was able to learn to control his killer instinct. The two of them were an amazing pair when they were together and neither has found love since. It would be incredible if they were to find their way back to each other.

Now that Damon has released Elena, he needs to keep his distance and what better way than to train Jeremy. It's odd that a vampire is going to train a vampire hunter, but whatever, it works.

With Damon's help, it won't be long before Jeremy's tattoo is complete and they can find their way to Silas and the cure for vampirism. Shane "says" that if they dig up the grave they will find a cure to end a vampire's immortal life.

I'm a little concerned that Damon and Elena are so trusting of Shane about this. If it ends immortality, why do they think it will turn them back into mortal humans? Couldn't it mean the death of vampires rather than a cure for vampirism?

They better be careful. Shane knows more than he is saying and with the Hybrid sacrifice plot taking form, his motives should be suspect.

What do you think Shane has planned? Will Stefan and Damon be able to get over Elena? What will Tyler do now? And, is April going to be a threat or will she become an ally?

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