'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Allure of Darkness
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Allure of Darkness
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Darkness descended upon The Vampire Diaries in "Because the Night." Elena embraced the loss of her humanity, while Bonnie and Caroline both made decisions that caused great, irreversible harm. Will these friends be able to regain their caring hearts?

She's a Player

The new humanity-less Elena went from bloodsucking cheerleaders to hitting up a New York City nightclub with Damon and Rebekah. They gave a whole new meaning to threesome, including a mid-feeding transition between Damon and Rebekah. Freaky!

The whole time Damon thought he was keeping Elena occupied, she was playing him. This unfeeling Elena is conniving with no regard for others. Even Rebekah commented that she missed the old Elena and that's a huge statement.

Elena used Damon's feelings for her to try and steal his information about Katherine, but he wasn't that naive. He used the same trick many decades before with Lexi. The surprise was that Rebekah was there to back up Elena, broke his neck, then they took off with the information and his car.

Elena and Rebekah are an unlikely pair, but they have a common goal regarding the cure. Elena doesn't want it and Rebekah does. Win-Win.

Oh, Bonnie

By the end of the hour, it was difficult to know what Bonnie did or didn't know. When she was supposedly working with "Shane" to get her power under control, she appeared to be fully aware of the situation.

She acknowledged that Shane was Silas and that they needed to kill 12 witches to complete the circle. If she didn't have her memory, then who or what was controlling her? Or, did she lose her memory due to the ritual performed by the witch coven? Or, of course, she could have lied about what she knew to protect herself.

It's probably for the best if she doesn't remember. It would be heartbreaking for her to have to acknowledge she was willing to kill for Silas. Even though she wasn't the one that killed the witches, she was responsible for setting them up to link their power.

Since Bonnie got involved with Shane and Expression, she's been drawn to and overtaken by darkness. Now that she's awakened and the triangle is complete, will she still have that within her? Or, has she awakened back to her old self?

Surrounded by Terrible

Klaus' feelings for Caroline have never been a secret, but her disdain for the darkness within him was never more clear. She said some honest, but hurtful comments to him. Even as a vampire, Caroline has always been pure of heart and surrounded herself with caring friends.

Caroline killed Asia to save Bonnie. How will Caroline feel when she finds out that Bonnie was a willing participant in completing the triangle? Caroline killed an innocent to protect her friend that was doing a terrible thing. And, now she has joined that dark group.

It was painful to watch Caroline suffer for her misdeed, especially when Klaus abruptly dismissed her. Instead of using the opportunity to draw her closer to him, he used it to hurt her and push her away. Of course, after he said the spiteful words he looked more wounded than she did.

Triangle is Complete

Even though Caroline didn't intend to complete the triangle, she did. When she killed Asia, the witches linked to her all died too. With the three massacres complete, Silas only needs the cure to complete his quest to raise all the supernatural creatures from the dead.

Somehow Silas procured a stake from the white ash tree and used it to stab Klaus. He didn't kill the Original, but left a piece in him. Silas has entered the chase for the cure.

Who will find Katherine and the cure first? And, who will use it?

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Loss of Humanity

A major theme of "Because the Night" was about the darkness within and the loss of humanity. With the exception of Caroline, all the vampires had lost their humanity at one time or another to varying degrees. And, they all regained it.

Even though Klaus is capable of doing terrible things, he still has the capacity for love. He loves his family and he loves Caroline. Rebekah desires humanity so much that she wants to use the cure, so she can start a family. And, both Stefan and Damon have vacillated between  living with and without humanity.

Now that Elena has given up her humanity, will she let the darkness in? So far, she's been restrained, but will she continue down a path that will lead to a distressed return? Damon felt so much shame over what he did to Lexi on the roof that he killed her when she showed up in Mystic Falls, just so he could live with himself. Is that Elena's future?

And, poor Caroline, the purest of heart, now has to deal with killing 12 innocent people. I'm not sure how she will overcome that. If anyone can do it, it's Caroline. She is filled with such joy that it would a shame to see her give into the darkness.

Will Caroline turn to darkness over her actions? What was up with Bonnie not remembering anything since the island? Who will find the cure and what will the do with it? Caroline and Klaus -- will they hook up now or not?

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