'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Silas Searches for Katherine
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Silas Searches for Katherine
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Damon's attempts to protect Elena by lying backfire. Bonnie starts to recognize the downside to being dead. Silas continues to search for Katherine, but still has time to wreak havoc in other ways. Caroline and Elena investigate a college professor. There's a new bad girl in town.

Only the Good Die Young

Bonnie recounts Silas' appearance at the Mystic Falls "End of Summer, Slit the Mayor's Throat" picnic to Jeremy. No worries about the townies descending the Salvatore home with pitchforks since Silas told all those in attendance to forget what they'd seen. She also lets Jeremy know that Silas has the entire population on the lookout for Katherine. Bonnie says whatever Silas wants with her, they have to make sure he doesn't get her. Bonnie's also starting to realize that being dead is a real bummer. Since her father wasn't supernatural, it looks like he got straight to a more traditional go into the light pass. His death is going to make Bonnie's secret impossible to keep. Who would believe she wouldn't return to Mystic Falls after the death of her father.

Person of Interest

Katherine, who's not in good shape after her and Jeremy's car accident, is wandering around Mystic Falls and attracts the attention of a concerned citizen. As soon as the woman recognizes Katherine, she tells her she's supposed to be keeping her eyes out for her. Then she douses kitty Kat with pepper spray and starts to make a call. Did Silas give out his home phone? Did he set up a hotline? Doesn't matter because human Katherine isn't entirely defenseless. She punches the woman in the face and manages to knock her out. Before she has time to make another escape, Matt shows up toting a gun pointed right at her.

Campus Cover Up

Elena and Caroline are busy trying to make sense of Megan's death. I'm struggling with the holes in this plot. The biggest one being that murder is above campus security's pay grade, so I'm sure the local authorities would be called in. Elena manages to snag the death certificate which states Megan's death was a suicide. There's no mention of the vampire bites on her neck. Elena deduces that whoever signed off on the cause of death is part of this cover up. It turns out that someone is named Dr. Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) who teaches microbiology at the college. Elena took the liberty of making sure that she and Caroline are enrolled in his class.

Caroline throws a hissy fit (fitting that she's a drama major) about the prospect of actually having to study. She just wants a normal college experience. Elena tells her that if they're exposed as vampires they won't be majoring in anything. She promises her friend they can still have a fun year, but they need to protect themselves. Elena thinks she's taking a page from the Damon playbook on how to not blow your cover as a supernatural creature. She says his best move was to infiltrate the town council. They are going to take an incredibly snooze-worthy class in an attempt to cozy up to a possible enemy.

The Search for Stefan

Damon has used deductive reasoning to figure out his brother is most likely at the bottom of the quarry and has been there drowning over and over all summer long. He enlists the help of Sheriff Forbes. She has agreed to keep the mayor's death a secret until Damon figures things out. Ahhh, lucky break for Bonnie. She does make it clear she lacks the manpower to dredge the entire quarry but agrees to assign a few men to the job.

Bad Teacher

Caroline and Elena attend Dr. Maxfield's first lecture. Also in their class is hottie Jessie (Kendrick Sampson) who razzes the girls for not making it to the party, or more specifically, inside the party at Whitmore House their first night on campus. He's got some googly eyes for Caroline. He invites her to a bonfire. Elena is trying to play cupid for a reluctant Caroline and promises she'll be there.

It turns out Dr. Maxfield is intense, arrogant, gruesome and a bit of a hottie. He fills them in on some Civil War history and how it connects to Whitmore. He tells his students that they used to burn rotted corpses, and they should take a moment to reflect on that bit of trivia at the bonfire. He ejects Caroline and Elena from his class because it is for upperclassmen only. How does he know they don't belong? He claims it's because he's observant.

A Visit From an Ex

Silas pays Elena a visit playing along with his Stefan visage. He apologizes for not returning her calls. She asks where he's been, and he tells her Damon will fill her in. Damon is now big time busted for not telling his best girl that his prodigal brother had returned, sort of. He also tells her about Jeremy's expulsion. In the midst of all these true confessions, he adds some fictional accounts of his own. Silas says that Damon and Jeremy had a fight, and now Elena's little brother is missing. What better way to track down the last person seen with Katherine? Especially, since Jeremy has a bad habit of dying.

He receives a text from one of his many spies, that Katherine was spotted with Jeremy. He shares this news - minus the Katherine part - with Elena, inquiring if she might have any idea where her brother could be going. She tells him about an old campsite the Gilbert family used to frequent.

Bad Girl

Damon gives Matt and Jeremy the thankless task of babysitting Katherine. She's having a hard time breaking her habit of fleeing, keeping both the boys on their toes.

Boyfriend Drama

Damon shows up at Whitmore after Elena told him over the phone Stefan was there and hung up before Damon could warn her he was Silas. He fills in Bonnie, who tells him that Elena had been thinking about her ex-honey all summer. Of course, not in that warm, fuzzy way but in a I-think-something-horrible-has-happened-to-him way. This comes as news to Damon. He spots Silas minus Elena. The nasty immortal refuses to divulge Elena's whereabouts.

It turns out Elena's downing brews at the bonfire. She runs into Jesse, and she tries to get the 411 on Dr. Maxfield. Jesse tells her there's a rumor that he's part of a secret society that meets a couple of times a week at Whitmore House. Damon shows up and like some caveman and knocks Jesse unconscious. Just when things were starting to get interesting.

Death 101

Matt wanders off into the forest to gather wood which turns out to be bad news in every horror movie ever made. This time is no different. He encounters Silas, who tells him he can't talk or scream. Matt is impervious to Silas' mind control. He yells out a warning to Jeremy and Katherine. Perplexed at this turn of events, Silas does a little more in-depth investigating, and discovers that somebody (Nadia) is already taking up any and all vacant space in Matt's head. He asks, "Why are you watching me, traveler?" He then says something unintelligible and snaps Matt's neck. Good thing he just got his Gilbert ring back.

Matt wakes up and runs into Bonnie who informs him he's on the other side. She instructs him that to go back he has to reconnect to his body, which happens to be nowhere in sight. She tells him that each time he dies, he wakes up further and further away from it. Matt questions how he can see her, and she tells him there's something he should know.

A Lovers' Spat

I should have known better than to believe Silas would just let Elena go and enjoy a campus kegger. Once she and Damon are alone in her room, it becomes evident she's had her mind tampered with by him. She's been told to weaken and then kill Damon. The plus side to this situation is we get to see Damon with his shirt off.

Elena temporarily snaps out of her trance thanks to an impromptu wet T-shit contest using water laced with vervane. Damon breaks the news about Silas being alive which prompts Elena to inquire about Stefan. She starts to go homicidal again, and Damon explains to her that her anger towards him acts as the trigger that makes her want to murder him. He tells Elena she has to resist it. Damon uses the feelings she has regarding Damon to break Silas' compulsion.

The Three Amigos

Jeremy has no choice but to hand over the car keys to Katherine. Despite her protests, he's determined not to leave Matt behind. He comes across Matt's body in the woods where Silas also happens to still be lurking. Being a hunter gives Jeremy a distinct advantage in dealing with Silas. The two tussle, and despite his best efforts, Silas still gets the upper hand. Good thing Katherine shows up with a shotgun and lights up Silas. Obviously, the bullets won't kill him, but they might weaken him and slow him down temporarily.

Matt makes it back to his body, but before he reconnects, he tells her that she and Jeremy can't keep her death a secret anymore. Conveniently, he won't remember their heart to heart once he returns to the land of the living.


Jeremy spots Bonnie in the woods, and she tells him she's not ready to be dead. She says she doesn't know what to do about her dad. Jeremy reassures her, promises he'll come up with yet another cover story.

When Two Bad Things Collide

Silas stops at the local gas station to fill himself up so to speak and runs into Nadia and her nameless companion. They happen to be gypsies (travelers) with a grudge who want Silas back in his tomb where he belongs. Or, maybe not. Nadia (Olga Fonda) kills her companion and tells Silas that since he can read minds, he can see she has her own agenda.

Free at Last

The safe that presumably housed Stefan for the past three months shows up in the woods surrounding Mystic Falls. Only the body inside isn't Stefan's, but what looks to be what's left of his first meal.

How did Stefan get out? Will Caroline and kindred spirit Jesse become closer now that Elena is back in Mystic Falls?

By far, the best part of the episode has to be when Katherine says, "I survived childbirth, the death of my entire family and 500 years of running from an immortal hybrid. You can understand why I'm a little upset that I'm on the verge of being defeated by a sinus infection."

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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