'The Vampire Diaries' Preview: Love, Death and Those Pesky Coffins All Return in 'The New Deal'
'The Vampire Diaries' Preview: Love, Death and Those Pesky Coffins All Return in 'The New Deal'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After far too long away from our TVs,The Vampire Diaries finally returns tonight with a new episode, "The New Deal." Is this return worth the wait?

Yes. Definitely and absolutely yes. All of the romance, horror, violence and beautiful-teenage/vampire angst we love is back in full force. Keep reading if you want to know more.

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Ongoing Problems

When last we saw the supernaturally troubled residents of Mystic Falls, everything was a bit of a mess.

Klaus managed to kill his "father," Mikael, but lost his family-toting coffins in the process. Stefan got out from under Klaus' compulsion, only to end up revenge-driven and cold as he ran off with the aforementioned coffins. Damon and Elena did manage to survive the Homecoming dance, but all of their plans pretty much fell apart in the process. Bonnie had dumped Jeremy and his ghost girlfriends. Caroline and Tyler fought over Tyler's siring issues. And poor Matt lost his Homecoming date to a stake.

To be honest, not much has improved since then.

In "The New Deal," we see the aftermath of all the Homecoming drama. What does this mean?

  • Elena and Bonnie, in a beautiful example of teenage shortsightedness, spend some time worrying about boys and not just about imminent supernatural death.
  • Stefan (along with the coffins) is AWOL at the beginning of the episode. And even his brother and ex-girlfriend are conflicted about trying to find him.
  • The rejected boys, Tyler and Jeremy, find solace in guy talk, archery and beer.
  • Klaus, who seems to have been laying low, comes back in a big way in his search for his coffins.
  • With Klaus on their case about the matter, Elena and Damon combine their search for Stefan with a search for the missing coffins.

Who's There? Who's Not?
Alas, an episode as action-packed as "The New Deal" didn't quite find enough room for all of our favorite Vampire Diaries characters. Both Caroline and Matt are conspicuously absent from this week's drama -- although they'll be back next week, according to episodic photos. Caroline at least gets to be the subject of some angry ranting from Tyler, but poor Matt gets nary a mention.

Some of the more prominent recurring characters are absent as well. Sheriff Forbes is presumably off covering up the latest kills left behind by Klaus and the hybrids. And Rebekah still has those dagger issues from Homecoming to keep her out of the picture.

All of the other main characters are, however, back. And busy.

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"The New Deal" airs at 8pm on Thursday, January 5.

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