'The Vampire Diaries': On Bonnie's Powers and the Originals
'The Vampire Diaries': On Bonnie's Powers and the Originals
Last week on The Vampire Diaries, the gang's defenses were weakened. First, Jonas sapped Bonnie of her powers and endangered the upcoming sacrifice. Then, Elijah was killed and Katherine managed to escape from the tomb to tell the gang about Klaus' arrival. 

We left our fans two major questions regarding these twists on The Vampire Diaries, and here's what they had to say.

Our first query for the day is: How will Bonnie ever get her powers back? Any ideas?

Ivelina Dimitrova: I think Luka could help her.

Jennifer Reynolds: She tracks down her witchy cousin that helped Katherine.

Ann-maria Galea: By sweet-talking Luka, so he can feel sorry for her.

Katherine Rose: Even though we haven't met them all yet, she does come from a long line of very powerful witches. She has a cousin, and most likely several more witchy relations that could help her out with getting her powers back.

Cynthia Cronkhite: I would think that since Jonas took them, he can give them back. He was mad, but maybe he also wanted a window of time where Bonnie couldn't interfere with his plans. He might even see a way for her to help get his daughter back and want to restore her powers for that reason.

There seems to be a number of ways for Bonnie to reclaim her powers, but what would the writers of The Vampire Diaries go with? They better act fast, because a catastrophe called Klaus is coming to Mystic Falls and everyone will need to pitch in to eliminate him.

We all know that Klaus is an Original like Elijah. Stefan talked about Originals on a previous episode and he wasn't sure what they're really capable of. We were wondering the same thing, so we asked: What are your thoughts on Originals?

Terry Acker-Link: They were the first vampires, so they are stronger.

Naomi Stolk: They were created by Dragula, the father of us all.

Eve Gagnon: I think they never were human at all!

Nikolett Balaazs: It's like the case of the chicken and the egg. If they are the Originals, who was the most original? :) Somebody said on TVD that Dracula is a funny tale, as I can remember.

Ivan Lind: The Originals predates Dracula by thousands of years. Dracula is only 558 years old. I think they where created by Echinda the mother of all monsters, according to mythology. Klaus is the very first vampire and father of all vampires.

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