The Vampire Diaries: How Vicki Was Supposed to Die
The Vampire Diaries: How Vicki Was Supposed to Die
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Vampire Diaries certainly shocked viewers by killing off new vampire Vicki on last night's episode, but that's not what was supposed to happen.  In a new interview with EW's Michael Ausiello, Kayla Ewell, who played Vicki, revealed the real story behind her character's death.

In the interview, she said that the original draft had Jeremy killing Vicki in order to protect his sister.  They even filmed that scene, Ewell left town, and a week later the producers called her back to reshoot the ending we saw with Stefan as the killer.

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Why would The Vampire Diaries change this?  According to Ewell, the reasons were twofold.  First, there were questions about whether Jeremy would know whether to use a wooden stake through the heart to kill Vicki since he had no idea she was a vampire.  The second, and more likely reason, is that the writers wanted to reinforce the notion that Stefan is the hero of the show, so it's his job to save Elena.

For me, I like the revised ending a lot better, because Jeremy killing Vicki would've made very little sense.  As Ewell said, he had no idea she was a vampire, so the method of death would've made no sense.  Second, it adds way to much pressure to Jeremy.  Losing his first love is bad enough, but if he actually killed her, combined with his parents' tragic death and his goth nature, the only logical conclusion would've been for Jeremy to commit suicide even before Damon had a chance to wipe his memory.

Still, it's interesting to learn what was originally intended, because it means the writers for The Vampire Diaries aren't afraid to change their minds if they see a better storyline, which makes watching the show even more unpredictable and enjoyable.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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