'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Help Damon with The Elena Problem
'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Help Damon with The Elena Problem
Even vampires deal with rejection, and who copes better than The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore? His problems range from having the girl of his dreams fall for his brother, to having to compel Elena to forget his heartbreaking revelation.

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Other than feed on other females, what else could Damon do? One option is to ask fans of The Vampire Diaries, who probably care about him more than Elena does right now.

First question: What could Damon do to make Elena reciprocate his feelings?

ChristineAlvarez: Well, firstly, Stefan has to be in a situation where he genuinely does something that betrays her trust. The sour feelings must stay for a certain amount of time. Then Damon would have to help her in some way so that, in a moment, she has a self revelation that she does have feelings for him. Then constant contact with each other will inevitably lead to something. Consider all this hypothetical and typical for this type of fantasy romance drama.

Jeanie Stein: Besides compelling her, keep showing her random acts of kindness towards humans in general, maybe saving her life a few times and just looking at her with those eyes.

VampDiaries33: Damon can just be himself and turn his human feelings on. He needs to be honest with Elena, as much as it would hurt him he needs to be "human" again. He did it once in 1864, why can't he do it again?

Naomi Stolk: Nothing he can do, but he could just tell her that he loves her and not take away her memory.

But if that doesn't work, will Damon ever find someone other than Elena to love?

Naomi Stolk: He will never find another, he loves her too much. They are a match made in heaven/hell!

Ann-maria Galea: There is no other. Elena is the one for him.

Brancey Montgomery: NEVER! There is no other option.

Levona Meyer Pienaar: Sorry but Stefan and Elena belong together. He saved her, so Damon must get his own girlfriend!

Pauline Maillard: I agree with Levona. Why does everybody want to see Elena with Damon? Elena and Stefan make such a beautiful couple!

Since we can't force the writers of The Vampire Diaries to fulfill the wishes of Delena fans, maybe they can whip up someone else for the lonely Salvatore. Or perhaps Katherine will do.

But actor Ian Somerhalder says she can't be trusted and she's too similar to Damon. Does that mean we can't trust him either?

Allison Sarah Miller: We can, because he loves Elena and would never betray her.

Emily Pridham: I agree! Plus, Damon's smarter than to trust her after everything she's done to him. If anything, either he or Stefan will most likely kill her at some point in time to protect Elena. Hell! Elena could kill her at any give moment if necessary to protect Stefan and everyone else!

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