The Vampire Diaries: Elena's Mother of a Problem
The Vampire Diaries: Elena's Mother of a Problem
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Vampire Diaries had a ton of huge twists and revelations in the latest episode, including several new vampires who are just as interested in opening Katherine's Tomb as Damon is.  But perhaps the most surprising twist came when Aunt Jenna realized that Isobel, Alaric Saltzman's wife who was killed by Damon, is Elena's mother.

This curveball complicates matters on The Vampire Diaries by a lot, adding to the intense soap opera-style storylines.  It adds plenty of layers to the series.  Stefan tried to save Elena's parents while Damon killed one.  Just when Damon was starting to seem like a good guy, this horrible act is made even worse.  And most importantly, the revelation of Elena's mother adds about a thousand questions into the mix.

Will Aunt Jenna tell Elena about her discovery?
The two women had an argument about telling the truth and Aunt Jenna agreed to tell Elena all about her mother.  But will that track record of honesty continue now that she has concrete evidence about Elena's mom?  Probably not, since I've seen enough TV shows where adults keep huge secrets from the kids, but The Vampire Diaries isn't like most TV shows.

Why did Damon kill Isobel?
When we first saw Damon killing Isobel, perhaps it seemed like a random act of vampire violence.  But with this new knowledge, did Damon know that Isobel was Elena's mother and is that why he killed her?  It's too much of a coincidence that Damon just happened to kill the mother of a girl who looks just like Katherine.

Did Alaric know that Isobel had a daughter?
Alaric met Isobel in college, so it's safe to assume he's not actually Elena's father.  But did he know that his wife had a daughter when she was 16 and did he know that she was born in Mystic Falls?  If that's the case, then it seems obvious that Alaric might already know that Elena is his step-daughter.

How will Stefan react to Damon killing Elena's mom?
Stefan is already showing a devious side by lying to Damon about helping him to free Katherine, but what happens when he finds out that his evil brother killed the mother of the girl he loves?  I'm starting to think we haven't even begun to see how bad-ass Stefan can be.

What will be Elena's reaction?
At the center of all this mama drama is Elena, whose life has already fallen apart about 75 times in the past year.  Her parents died, she fell in love with a vampire, her brother was almost killed by his vampire girlfriend, a crazy stalker tried to kill her and she discovered she's adopted.  Finding out that her boyfriend's brother killed her mom might send her over the edge into Crazy Town.

So what are you questions and theories surrounding Elena's mom?

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