7 Shocking Moments on 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale
7 Shocking Moments on 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The Vampire Diaries has given us one hell of a season, which has managed to tap on various mysteries--from Katherine, the never-ending tension between the Salvatore brothers, the colorful history of Mystic Falls, vampire slayers, and witches to Elena's birth parents. But at the end of the day (or better yet at the end of this season), it all boils down to the Tomb vampires versus the Founding families. And Founder's Day might as well serve as the perfect battleground for this centuries-old war.

The people behind The Vampire Diaries really did live up to its promise to deliver an ending that will leave viewers breathless so I've decided to rundown the most shocking moments on tonight's finale.

John Gilbert Knocks Out Sheriff Liz

John Gilbert's end game is finally revealed as he tells Mayor Richard Lockwood his plan to eradicate the vampires of Mystic Falls during the Founder's Day celebration through the use of John Gilbert's gadget, which can immobilize vampires through a piercing sound that only they can hear. Sheriff Liz, on the other hand, is opposed to John's plan as she doesn't want to put the town's residents at risk. As a result, John knocks her out and handcuffs her to prevent her from meddling with his plan.

Mayor Lockwood Dies

When John Gilbert activates the device, we learn that vampires aren't the only ones who can hear its piercing sound. It turns out even Mayor Lockwood and Tyler can hear them, suggesting that both characters are not human. We know that the Mayor isn't a vampire but he ends up in a basement, along with Damon and the rest of the Tomb vampires, which John Gilbert tries to set on fire. So what is he then? Unfortunately, we won't know for sure (presumably until the next season) since one of the Tomb vampires breaks his neck. As for Tyler, he ends up in a car crash, along with Matt and Caroline after hearing the piercing sound. Tyler's dilated pupils indicate that he's fine and is some kind of a supernatural creature but Caroline, who is lying on the ground, appears to be struggling with dear life. Will she survive?

Anna Bites the Dust

Anna dies again only this time it's for real. She gets a stake through the heart by John Gilbert, the same man who killed her mother Pearl, but not before giving Jeremy her blood so he would consider turning into a vampire.

Jeremy Drinks Anna's Blood

Damon tells Jeremy that Anna's dead and offers to take away his suffering by erasing his memory once again. But Jeremy knows that making him forget won't fix him then asks Damon if life as a vampire is easier when it comes to shutting off pain. Damon's answers must have given Jeremy a big push because not only does he start popping pills, he also ends up drinking Anna's blood. Will Jeremy become a vampire?

Bonnie Saves the Salvatore Brothers

Why is this surprising? Bonnie lied to Elena about taking out the powers of Jonathan Gilbert's device because she wanted justice for Grams' death and wanted to rid Mystic Falls of vampires. Helping save the Salvatore brothers from the basement fire by casting a spell is the last thing you'd expect from her. The thing is, Bonnie caused this whole mess--which proves just what she's capable of. And if Damon doesn't change his ways, she'll do whatever it takes to take him down, even  if it means taking Stefan down with him. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Damon Kisses Elena

Thanks to Elena, Damon has suddenly turned a new leaf. He thanks Elena for saving his life and then seemingly steals his brother's girl by giving her a kiss, which she passionately reciprocates. Before things get even steamier, Aunt Jenna interrupts them and unfortunately, there's a twist in this Damon-Elena make-out session.

John Gilbert Dies

Upon entering the house, Elena has a discussion with her father John, whose hatred towards vampires sparked when Isobel turned into one. In an unexpected twist, she pulls a knife, chops his finger and stabs him to death, revealing that it's Katherine who kissed Damon and not Elena.

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