[Video] 'The Tomorrow People' Sneak Peek: A Glimpse into the War Against Ultra
[Video] 'The Tomorrow People' Sneak Peek: A Glimpse into the War Against Ultra
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Tomorrow People introduced viewers to a new world which includes people with special powers who are hunted by a government organization called Ultra. By the end of the premiere, it was clear that the two sides aren't necessarily as clear as good versus evil when Stephen finds out that his uncle in charge of Ultra and decides to join them.

Did Stephen join Ultra and turn his back on the Tomorrow People? Or, is he playing both sides? He's a high school student who just found out that he's not crazy and has special powers greater than anyone has seen before.

It would be understandable for him to question the two sides.Plus, there's the mystery of his father who he believed abandoned him. 

At New York Comic-Com, Warner Bros TV aired a special teaser trailer for the first part of The Tomorrow People season. Check it out to find out more about where Stephen's story will go.

Highlights from the trailer:

  • "Stephen your kind cannot be trusted in our world. The question is what are we going to do with you now?" - Jedikah in Stephen's head.
  • Jedikah wants Stephen to help Ultra find the Tomorrow People and kill them.
  • Stephen wonders whether Ultra is the right place for him and Jedikah replies, "I'm not offering you a choice." Ouch.
  • The Tomorrow People are going to use Stephen as a double-agent inside Ultra. And, he gets caught by Jedikah.
  • John warns Stephen that Ultra can do much worse than just getting into his head.
  • Fights! Action!
  • Stephen gets a partner at Ultra. She's like him. A person with powers. He questions why she would hunt down her own kind. She pulls a gun on him.
  • "We are a hunted species. Jedikah has an army intent on killing every last one of us." - John
  • "No one's safe until we take him down." - John
  • Cara to Stephen, "you're the best person I've ever known."
  • Stephen and Cara kiss! Shirt off!
  • Cara and John face off. He questions what's happened since Stephen showed up. They battle in front of the other Tomorrow People.
  • "You undermine me in front of everyone. How are they supposed to respect me?" - John
    "Respect or obey?" - Cara
  • John doesn't believe they are safe with Stephen in their headquarters. They are attacked. Who gave them up?
  • What's the relationship between John and Jedikah? 
  • "This isn't a war. It's genocide." - Stephen
  • "Jedikah may be a monster, but you're no better than he is." - John
  • "I won't put the people I care about in danger." - Stephen
  • Will Stephen's mother and/or Astrid be put at risk due to his activities?
  • Ultra captures Cara. Jedikah calls her an unrepentant murderer. Stephen doesn't want them to kill her.
  • "It's the only way," Stephen tells Cara as he injects her in the neck with something.
  • "I'm sorry." - Stephen
Wow. It definitely looks to be an action-packed season with loyalties pulled in multiple directions and lives in the balance. Will Stephen be able to maintain a cover as a double-agent? Or, will he end up picking a side.

The Tomorrow People airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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(Image courtesy of the CW and video courtesy of WBTV.)