'The Tomorrow People' Recap: The Rise (Again) and Fall of Julian
'The Tomorrow People' Recap: The Rise (Again) and Fall of Julian
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The return of Julian has everyone on edge in this episode of The Tomorrow People. The last we saw of him, he was threatening to take over the city. However, he's on his own now and tries to bargain with Jedikiah to get revenge on Cara and his people. Meanwhile, the stress of Julian's return prompts John to return home and into Cara's arms again.

An Unlikely Alliance With a Twist

After wrecking havoc in the Ultra office, Julian finds himself strapped in the chair about to lose his powers. Just before Jedikiah puts the needle in, Julian tells him he can find out where the Tomorrow People are hiding and bring all of them in. After thinking it over, Jedikiah comes back and makes the deal, on the condition that a tiny bomb is implanted in Julian's nose that will go off in eighteen hours unless Jedikiah deactivates it.

Stephen sees Julian and Ultra and assumes his powers will be taken away. He heads down to the lair to inform everyone they can rest easy now that Julian is off the streets. Of course, he was wrong and during a nightly supply run, Julian finds Cara and a few Tomorrow People with his squad. Stephen finds out just in the nick of time and manages to help everyone escape. He pretends that he is loyal to Ultra to stick with Julian, but Julian isn't stupid and he kicks him out of the van while on their way to find Charlotte who has come up to find John.

A Reason to Come Home

John, who spent the day with Astrid helping her overcome her fears of going outside after her life was threatened twice, finds out from Stephen that Julian is back and even more dangerous. He finds Charlotte's doll on the street and goes back to the lair to get his gun to rescue Charlotte from Julian and Ultra. Before he has a chance to go back up, Stephen tells Cara that Julian, after torturing Charlotte for information, now has a kill squad and is headed toward the lair.

After a brief shootout and a game of hide-and-go seek with John, Russell, and Cara vs. Julian, the trio traps Julian and the squad in a bulletproof (and apparently bomb-proof) room where there's only one minute left before it's set to go off. How they knew this, I'll never know. But either way, when Jedikiah tries to deactivate it, Ultra loses contact with it because Uulian's too far underground. Then it's see you later Julian.

In the final few minutes (where all the good stuff always happens), Cara and John realize they belong together and have a glorious reunion. Stephen tells Jedikiah he's an evil person. Russell rescues Charlotte from returning to the Citadel. When Stephen finds John's stash of Roger's old gadgets, one gets activated when he touches it.

The History of John and Cara

In a little side plot, we learn how John and Cara met three years ago. She was up to no good after separating from Julian, and pick-pocketing people on the subway. He was recruiting Tomorrow People for his underground lair. After initially turning him down, she changes her tune when he rescues her from two Ultra agents. I think it's safe to assume the pair join forces to create the Tomorrow People safe haven that is presently their home.

Seems Stephen took a back seat this time around, with John really taking over the episode. Between his new bond with Astrid, and his reunion with Cara, you really can't help but like the guy. Plus he's not bad to look at either. It often makes me wonder why Cara always has a scowl on around him. I liked the flashbacks of how they met and really created the underground shelter together.

Once again, mom was absent, which was disappointing because I really want to learn more about her and how she gained her powers, what she's been up to, etc. I really hope this gets explored next week. I could have done without the Astrid-John-Stephen-Cara love-storyline. We get it. They all love each other and have crazy teenage hormones running through their veins - yes, remember they are teens?

I also kind of wish they didn't kill off Julian, as he was a really good bad guy. It would have been fun to have him return every few episodes to keep Cara and the Tomorrow People on their toes.

The Tomorrow People moves to Mondays at 9pm on the CW starting March 17.

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