'The Sing-Off' Recap: Movie Theme Songs and a Double Elimination
'The Sing-Off' Recap: Movie Theme Songs and a Double Elimination
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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Tonight on The Sing-Off, the six remaining groups perform hits made famous by beloved movies over the years. Jewel mentors the groups this week with her keen musical ear and big heart. For the first time ever, each group will go head to head in the ultimate sing-off, leading to a double elimination.

Group Performance: "I've Had The Time Of My Life"

Kicking off the movie theme songs, the group performs the iconic song from Dirty Dancing. Back to the one song performance, hooray! The groups mesh together well and sound excellent. I love this song; who doesn't love this song?

As the mentor this week, the genuine Jewel shares her life story and musical journey with the groups, emphasizing the importance of musical sincerity and bringing out the best in themselves. Being a fan of hers from a very young age, I am thrilled that she is on this show and mentoring so well.

Home Free ("Pretty Woman")

In rehearsals, Jewel advises this country group to steer clear of making the song from Pretty Woman just a toe-tapper, which is great advice considering that is what it's sounding like so far. The performance starts out still pretty toe-tapping, but they are such genuine performers that I am sold. The break down of the song is interesting and fun. I like the arrangement, but also find it slightly underachieving. I want them to really go for it, but this clean sound is their wheelhouse.

Ben comments that he enjoyed that they tried so many different versions in one performance. Shawn says that Tim, their amazing bassist, makes it sound so easy. Jewel believes they followed her advice and enjoyed Tim's dance moves a lot.

Vocal Rush ("Against All Odds")

After falling in the bottom two last time, this high school group from Oakland, California is in it to win it now. Jewel advises them to harness their youthful energy into this song from the movie Against All Odds. Their vocal percussionist is singing the solo this week, which is a huge risk that totally pays off. This is a very mature performance from them, their best yet, I think! I have goosebumps.

Shawn comments that this is the first time a vocal percussionist has transitioned so seamlessly into a soloist and that they are a solid group. Ben loved the arrangement and encourages them to continue to work on the technical elements. Jewel reflects that their vulnerability is honest and makes us relate to them as humans.

acoUstiKats ("Old Time Rock And Roll")

Jewel advises them focus on creating a picture out of the iconic song from Risky Business. It starts out strong. It's a fun performance, with a lot of dynamics. Then they take off their pants and I don't even know what to think. As Nick Lachey says, tearing it up and tearing it off. They seem to have some pitch issues, but the energy is good.

Jewel comments that they took us a musical tour that she enjoyed. Shawn hears some issues in the harmonies. Ben wants more rock and roll from them.

The Filharmonic ("Don't Want To Miss A Thing")

After landing in the bottom two after their last performance, this boy band inspired group is hoping to make a big impression with their song from Armageddon. Jewel admires their bold choice and advises them to get in touch with their tenderness. They clearly take her advice into account as their performance is all heart.

Jewel loves their vulnerable performance. Both Ben and Shawn comment that their harmonies come unglued at times and Ben wants their beat-boxing cleaned up a bit. 

VocalPlay ("Don't You Forget About Me")

In the mentoring session, Jewel calls lead vocalist, Honey, out to be more vulnerable. It's a sweet moment between them, and hopefully will pay off in a genuine performance in their song from The Breakfast Club. I have goosebumps from the first harmony and feel like Jewel's advice really resonated with the whole group. They also always nail their costumes.

Shawn shares that he loves the arrangement and the performance overall. Ben reflects that they understood the song well. Jewel commends them on their vulnerability and throws out lots of big musical terms that combat Ben.

Ten ("Skyfall")

Jewel advises that they can provide atmosphere around the soloist in this great song from Skyfall. I am mesmerized from the first note. This is hands down my favorite group this season. They can deliver a moving and dynamic performance like no other. Their suits are also just awesome.

Each of the judges give them a standing ovation. Ben comments that their choir is world class and powerful. Jewel says that it was dramatic and sophisticated. Shawn feels that they found their voice.

The Ultimate Sing-Off

The judges have paired the groups against one another to hear how they sound in one-on-one battles. 

acoUstiKats Vs. VoicePlay ("The Eye Of The Tiger")

From the movie Rocky III, these two group are having so much fun with this song. It's such a fun performance, love the fighting choreography. It gets a standing ovation from the judges and Ben compliments them on their working together. 

Vocal Rush Vs. Ten ("Fame")

I love these two groups together because Vocal Rush seems like a young version of Ten. This is a fun, exciting performance of the song from the movie Fame. The judges feel that the groups complimented each other well and brought out the best in one another. I don't know how they will choose between these two groups, I really like them both.

Home Free Vs. The Filharmonic ("I'm All Right")

Two of the all-male groups going up against one another. These guys get the audience excited, which will make for an interesting performance from the movie Caddyshack. Home Free has a much fuller sound in this performance than previous ones. I can finally hear what everyone loves about them. The Filharmonic is a lot of fun and sounds great as well. These two groups are really fun together and still very distinct. The judges love it across the board.

Each ultimate sing-off got a standing ovation from the judges, I have no idea who they will choose. 

Double Elimination

After all the performances and the ultimate sing-offs, the judges decide to save Ten, Home Free, Vocal Rush and The Filharmonic. That means, Voice Play and acoUstiKats are eliminated tonight. 

Each group has made huge strides, but based on performances the eliminations seem fair.

The Sing-Off returns tomorrow, Thursday at 8pm on NBC with songs chosen by the judges.

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