'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Star Talks About Her Controversial Role
'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Star Talks About Her Controversial Role
The ABC Family newbie The Secret Life of the American Teenager has garnered massive success in terms of ratings in its freshman run and the series was immediately renewed for season 2, which fans hope to see early next year.  While not all critics agree to the success the show has experiencing, the viewers have expressed their love for the new show that has brought the issue of teenage pregnancy to the forefront of primetime viewing.

Meanwhile, the stars of the show are very thankful to the fans and viewers who have been supporting the ABC Family series, which features Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff as the teen parents of the yet-unborn child.  Both Woodley and Kagasoff have seen the widespread buzz on their new endeavor and have been very thankful for the reception of the show.

"I’m just thankful for the support from [my family], from Brenda Hampton, and everybody on the crew.  It’s just an experience, and I’ll never forget it ever in my life," Kagasoff told the Media Blvd in an interview earlier this month.  As for Woodley, who is now seen as a role model for teens, she says that it’s amazing how people label her that way for portraying a controversial role on television.

"I hadn't even thought about being a teenage role model until a couple of days ago when someone brought it up in an interview," she admitted in a conversation with Knox News.  "I suddenly find myself very inspirational to a lot of girls."

The 16-year-old actress who hails from Simi Valley, California adds that she wants her appearance on the show to be more than inspirational, but also serve as a guide for pregnant teens out there.

She says that despite feeling “a lot of pressure” in playing the role, “I want the (pregnant) girls in America to feel like they are not alone.”

The Secret Life pushes the issue of teenage pregnancy out in the open for families to discuss, but how does Woodley deal with these issues in real life?  She says that unlike her character, she is more open and willing to reach out to people and ask for help, given that she would be placed in a situation like that.

"[Amy] is more introverted," Woodley explained.  "I would be more vocal about it.  She's more, 'leave me alone.'  If I were pregnant, I'd immediately tell my friends and tell my family.  I would seek all the help and support I could get around me."

Moreover, she admits that “It's such an emotional hardship to take on.”

The Secret Life of the American Teenager returns to television screens with season 2 next year.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Knox News, Media Blvd
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