'The Secret Circle' Best Tweets: 'Balcoin'
'The Secret Circle' Best Tweets: 'Balcoin'
Well Secret Circle fans, we've made it to the mid-season finale, which should answer some of the season's big questions and leave us with enough cliffhangers to chew on until the show returns next year. For now, here are the best tweets from this week's episode:

#10. @Wheezie02
Diana could use some chocolate love! I think Melissa's cousin is a cutie. Go for it Diana! 

#9. @xo_briana
If Cassie doesn't stop apologizing to Jake about everything, I'm gonna attack her with a wooden club.

#8. @TimJY
Jake & Cassie look like a grown up Hansel & Gretel. Jack and Jill. Def sibling vibe. 

#7. @alexandracolaa
Charles... giving people dementia since 2011. 

#6. @verybookish
Was that supposed to be Jake's cell on vibrate or a foghorn? 

#5. @allemalice
Those pages look like something a Columbia freshman would draw. 

#4. @KatieAlmeida
Yeah Cassie. He's gonna kill you but you just stand there and ask questions.

#3. @ TheRedCloak
You'd think that Cassie would carry pepper spray with her considering how often she gets abducted. Oh wait...she's a witch. 

#2. @ chaosjunkie
Is Faye Blackwell's other kid in the circle? They did bring up Dawn's past worship of him. OMG my OTP might be sisters! 

#1. @ CW69tv
WOW! #SecretCircle has put me in a trance 'til 2012!

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Nerla Moise
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