The Real World Hollywood: Meet The Cast
When The Real World debuted on MTV back in 1992, most people had never seen or experienced reality television.  The cast of the first season has said on several occasions that they were the "guinea pigs" which have paved the way for future seasons and future shows of its kind.  With 19 seasons under their belts, MTV has had to find new and inventive ways to spice things up and keep viewers in front of the television.  For their 20th season, they went big - they went Hollywood.  The Real World brought on 7 new cast members who all have one dream, to be famous.  Meet the young crop of Hollywood hopefuls and get to know them before the new season premieres in a few weeks!


Joey is 24 years old and hails from Chicago, Illinois. The Real World: Hollywood marks the first time Joey has traveled outside of his home state. He is a former bodybuilder and now spends his days as a personal trainer. He heads to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming an actor but his troubled past and his difficulty accepting rejection might make take its toll on him.


Blond and beautiful, Kimberly hails from the great state of North Carolina. It’s easy to dismiss this 24 year old as just another dumb blond, but Kimberly has a rebellious side and has lots of strong opinions that she likes to share. Look for her to clash with her roommates when her lack of tact lands her in hot water.


Dave is an athlete through and through. He’s played everything from football to track to cheerleading. You heard me right. This 22 year old Pennsylvania native loves to be the center of attention and is quite comfortable in front of the camera. Let’s hope he stirs up drama and makes us laugh, too!


Sarah is 21 years old and recently graduated from Arizona State University. She has dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist but her relationship with her boyfriend holds her back from reaching that goal. She’ll butt heads with the other cast members as she is very conservative and has traditional views. Will the Hollywood housemates corrupt this good girl?


Ah, the ladies man of the house. Will is 23 years old from Detroit, Michigan and is a DJ who performs at weddings, parties, and any event he can get his hands on. He’s made the big move to Hollywood to become a top notch music producer. We’ll see if he’s all talk or actually has what it takes to succeed in the industry.


Maybe you’ve seen Brianna before. The 20 year old aspiring singer from Philly tried out for season 5 of American Idol. She didn’t make the final cut but she is still determined to land a record deal. Brianna is tough on the outside but has a soft exterior. Will her roommates get to know the “real her” or be turned off by her volatile behavior?


Last but not least is Greg. He is the only cast member to be voted on the show by the viewers. This 20 year old resident of Daytona Florida stood out online for his unusual outlook on life. He calls those around him “peasants” and refers to women as “associates”. Though he has a degree in criminal justice, Greg really wants to become a model. We’ll find out if the peasants of the fashion industry accept him as one of their own when The Real World: Hollywood premieres April 16th at 10pm ET on MTV.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: MTV
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