'The Challenge: Rivals' High Five: 'Through the Looking Glass'
'The Challenge: Rivals' High Five: 'Through the Looking Glass'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Challenge: Rivals, "Through the Looking Glass."

If you missed last week's episode (first of all, you got some nerve), MTV was there for you by taking the hour before tonight's and cramming in one more episode of the vile "16 and Pregnant." Adam was kicked off last week and now Leroy and Mike Mike are forced to take on their first challenge together. Tonight will be the first time a male team will get sent home.

High Five Highlights:

5. CT is the Gas Station: After some meathead hi-jinks with a decorative stone swan that CT easily manhandled from Mandy's bed and some delusional Greek god comparisons by Wes, TJ lays out the week's challenge. It's demolishing a car using heavy machinery and then pushing it under a limbo bar. They all instantly sized up Mike Mike as being a useless nerd, but he has a chance to excel at this challenge as it requires no athletic ability whatsoever.

4. Wes Just Does Everything "Good": Shocker: Wes shot his mouth off and then seconds later he drove straight off the track. This was the second week in a row that there was an inordinate amount of disqualifications. Sarah and Katelynn got disqualified, but in their defense it probably was jarring for Katelynn to have a girl sitting on her lap again. Wes and Kenny's comical performance lands them in the jungle.

3. Deliberations Begin: And they quickly end. Wes and Kenny clearly have control of the teams and they were able to name Tyrie and Davis as their opponents. Tyrie spent his night getting hammered while Wes, Kenny and Nehemiah shared a meditation session. They were interrupted by CT and Leroy who clown on them and read one of the "enlightenment cards." I have a sneaking suspicion they came from some kind of new Under Armor spiritualization pack.

2. I Don't Know Your Name Either: I watched Jonna's season of The Real World and not only do I not remember her name, I don't even remember what city it was in. I do, however, remember Jasmine's ridiculously phony beer muscles and random acts of violence against furniture. Teresa came to the defense of her partner and with a good 6 inches on Jasmine it looked like she could have spun her around in circles. Of course, the unknown variable apparently in any fight is the street credibility of where someone is raised. Now we know that in Houston, watch where you roll 'cause your ass will get cut.

1. Blast Off: It's always remarkable hearing Wes say that Kenny is the dumb one despite tremendous evidence to the contrary. Everything that came out of his mouth tonight was a stupefying claim of how awesome he was. He then struggles in the jungle against Tyrie in what is essentially a football blocking drill, complete with helmets. In the end, Wes and Kenny prevailed, but forgive for not being terribly impressed by them beating their own hand-picked competition.


- Is Leroy at a disadvantage now that he is paired with Mike Mike?

- How do you feel about Kenny and Wes having control over the majority of votes for another season?

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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