Wine-Wielding Wives on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
Wine-Wielding Wives on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
Issues have reached a boiling point for the Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra hates Jeana, Vicki and Donn aren't getting along, Alexis and Peggy are mom-petitive, Gretchen doesn't like that Slade is basically broke, and Gretchen and Tamra still aren't getting along. It all concludes tonight!

Remember how Vicki was in the hospital? It was because she had FIVE ulcers in her colon. She loves work, so what? Anyway, the ulcers gave Vicki the final push she needed to file for divorce. Despite the ulcers and the divorce and the crying, Vicki is having a fall party.

Vicki's party is where it's all going to go down. Tamra prepares for the party, with Eddie's encouragement to "just be cool." Jeana will be there, and Tamra is pissed about the things Jeana has been saying to the press regarding her and Simon. Get the girl some wine, Eddie!

Gretchen is ready to make amends with Vicki. She visited Vicki at the hospital, and they're both ready to move on. Slade is skeptical, though! Nonetheless, Gretchen has decided to "just live in the moment." Okay.

Alexis is also getting ready for the party, with her "assistant" on hand. She chose a pumpkin-colored dress from Alexis Couture to wear to the party. Jim is not going, and Alexis feels bad for everyone who isn't in a great marriage like hers. She wants to be his wife, "and his baby and his cherish." It's okay that he bosses her around because he's the man! It's what they do. Women are here to be the cherish.

Tamra is ready for the party, cease and desist letter in hand. Tamra talks to Vicki, who asks her to act as a buffer between her and other guests. Vick is very emotional, but Tamra wants to talk about her and Jeana. It's all about her and Jeana. Vicki tries to cry, but Tamra yells the tears away. It was weird.

The rest of the Housewives arrive, and Tamra tells Peggy to subtly spread the word not to mention Donn. Peggy spreads the message loud and clear. There is a gleam in Jeana's eye, that tells us she might mention Donn intentionally. Just the sight of Jeana makes Tamra furious. Eddie greets Vicki with all the class in the world--he is the best.

Peggy finds an opportunity to confront Alexis about the "big lips" comment. Really, Peggy? "It's not me, its you!" they tell each other. Alexis's best defense is to say that she doesn't even know what's happening. The two ladies fight, for some reason Alexis brings up how much she loves her plastic surgery. Let's just call this friendship nullified and this sub-plot resolved.

Peggy urges Jeana to apologize, but Jeana's not feeling it so Peggy brings Tamra over. Tamra boils over quickly, but the best part of this whole scene is CLEARLY Quinn, looking on over Jeana's left shoulder like a crazy person.

Tamra throws her drink at Jeana, Jeana throws her drink and it lands on Tamra's friend. Tamra's friend throws a drink, and then Jeana's friend, Ben throws his drink at Tamra's friend for no reason. Tamra follows Jeana out of the party, telling her that she's going to hell, and then Ben throws his empty glass at Tamra in the driveway, probably because he forgot he was still holding it. Seriously? Is this The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Jeana calls Simon in tears to tell on Tamra. She says she's never seen dogs act like that, and neither have I. Dogs don't throw drinks at each other! Jeana then admits that one time when she was angry she cut someone's hair. JEANA!

In the end, the rest of the current Housewives come together, bonded together by their hatred for Jeana. Gretchen brings it back around to make it about her and Tamra, and Vicki is just glad it's not about her.

In the end, Gretchen and Slade are happy, Tamra is happy with Eddie, Vicki is happy working, and Alexis and Peggy are basically not friends (we found out that Jim used to date Peggy, mmmkay!). All you women who independent (throw your hands up at me).

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