Trippin' With 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
Trippin' With 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
It looks like Alexis and Gretchen have made up, because Gretchen answered the door wearing a tiara, alluding to the "princess" comment she fought so hard to deny. Also, Alexis is scared of Gretchen. Gretchen drives Alexis in her new car to meet up with Peggy at shoe store. Gretchen and Peggy are nice to each other in person, but not so much in the interviews.

Vicki is renovating her home so that they can eventually downsize. She needs a change! Nothing standard, everything custom! And Vicki will sell the house whether or not Donn is okay with it.

After an outfit change, Alexis, Gretchen, and Peggy head to dinner. Alexis is having a party, which leads to discussion of Vicki and Tamra. This leads to a flare-up of drama from Gretchen, followed by discussion of Slade's "talented" member. And I throw up forever and ever.
I love how competitive Alexis gets about everything without even realizing. She always has to one-up everyone, especially Peggy.

Simon was pretty toxic, so Vicki and Tamra get together to make things right. Vicki discusses how hard life is because her electric and pool bills are so expensive. White girl problems. Tamra is going to the beach in Spain with the mysterious Eddie. Tamra comes up with the idea for a "girl trip" to Cabo. "GIRL TRIP!" Vicki responds excitedly.

Alexis is going on a family trip to San Diego. FAMILY TRIP, WOO HOO! Alexis took one car with the kids and the nanny (her one nanny!), and Jim takes the luggage in his convertible. Jim is hilarious, unable to get the right person on the voice-activated phone, and completely unresponsive to his family waving to him from the other car. Do kids really need two bags each?

Peggy's mother-in-law, a Naturpathic doctor, is in the house. She's using stem cells on her face from an apple in Switzerland, whatever that means. Peggy's cells, unlike her mother-in-law's, are RUSTING, so Peggy will have to wear a "holographic band" programmed with hormone support. It looks like a snap bracelet made of gift wrap.

After taking a picture of all their wealth luggage, Alexis and Jim realize that they forgot their nanny's ONE BAG. That poor woman! They just had to remember one thing, to pack her bag because she's their help, and they forgot. Oh but don't worry, the assistant will drive it down.
Alexis unpacks, after packing all fifteen or however many bags, then Jim wants a snack. Vacations are fun.

Since everyone's going on trips, Gretchen and Slade are going to Palm Springs.
"We have SO MUCH FUN ALL THE TIME," Slade tries to convince us and himself. After Gretchen makes a big deal about locking the bikes up properly, one of the bikes falls off the back and she will not shut up about it. She's just fun like that. She's also fun in the way she makes fun of Slade to impress her gay friends, who she keeps around because they tell her she's pretty.

Jim bought two watches for himself, and Alexis got to go along! Jim even let her try on a ring that he wouldn't buy. He's a great husband, they love the way things run in their household and they're totally fine, just ask Alexis.

We finally get to meet Tamra's "humpable" boyfriend Eddie, as they meet with their friend/Real Estate guy Marcos. Tamra and Eddie don't look like much fun to hang out with, because they're all over each other and Marcos is probably uncomfortable. You can tell they'd always rather be having sex.

RHOCpda.jpgAs though anyone even wants to talk about it, Gretchen brings up Tamra at dinner with Slade and her gay friends. Obligingly, her friends call Tamra a "biotch." The topic of a double wedding comes up, but Gretchen wants a lease. You know how they lease cars? Like that but with people!

The episode ends with Tamra and Eddie taking a sexy bath together, like they wished they could be doing the whole time they were at dinner with Marcos. Tamra is convinced they're soulmates, and I don't know enough to judge. I did sort of feel like I was watching a soft-core porn movie, though.

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