'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: A-Glamping We Will Go
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: A-Glamping We Will Go
Even though she doesn't understand the reduction, Vicki visits Tamra post-op at her house. But the real topic at hand is bowling night. Sarah was crazy, and Vicki and Alexis are buddies now.

"She's dumb," Tamra tells Vicki. Yeah, but that's OK. Alexis and Shannon, her hair and makeup person/friend, put together s'more bags. Because the girls can't get their own marshmallows? Whatever, it was an excuse to talk about Alexis's upcoming "glamping" trip (glamorous camping) and Shannon having to make sure Alexis doesn't start bleeding out the nose. In addition to Alexis and her friendsistant, Vicki, Brianna, and Heather are going.

Gretchen is determined to go glamping with the group, even though Slade is demanding as her manager that she rest her voice. "I know you wanna go glamping, but ..." Slade says casually. Gretchen agrees that her work obligations come first, so she won't go.

In the smart car (Heather, Vicki, Brianna), they talk about surgery. In the stupid car, they dance.

Eddie visits Tamra for her recovery, and they play with her old silicone implants. Tamra's new/natural boobs look great. I don't know that I care for Eddie this season. He broke his finger in the mud run, but I forgot and assumed he just punched a wall or something. Together they made fun of Alexis's boobs, and can't believe that Vicki and Alexis are friends now.

Glamping seems very expensive. They have to order barbeque kits, and cook the meat themselves (but not start the fire). Alexis is obsessed with her nose job, but is able to see past the end of her nose (ha ha) to comment on Heather's bossiness.

Amazingly, Alexis wrote a little poem (in Papyrus font, naturally) to introduce her idea of s'mores. "With our crazy lives, our time is dire," the poem begins. Ummmm. OK, good effort.

"This is full on camping. We have no ice, there's no counter space in the bathroom for our makeup," Alexis says. And then more comments about her nose. Heather is still a fancy-pants, but I like that she refused to get Alexis a table. Get your own damn table! Vicki sucks, hiding out in the cabin talking to Brooks on the phone. Brianna thinks the relationship is weird, and this is just another sign of something very odd to come with this Brooks character.

With Peggi gone, Heather is the new person for Alexis to get competitive with. They start talking about real estate and Heather offers some sound advice, but Alexis doesn't want to hear it. What Alexis is saying vs. reality is just not matching up. If you have all this disposable income, why rent? is Heather's point, but Alexis isn't understanding. They're just giving it all up to God.

Alexis gives the women infinity scarves, and then an employee comes to help them start a fire. Once the fire is started, Alexis calls to order a pizza just in case. What fun we're having! I hope no one's infinity scarf catches on fire.

Then a skunk showed up and Vicki screamed. It didn't spray anything; no harm no foul. Later, after a few more glasses of wine, the girls have a heart-to-heart around the fire. Vicki apologized for basically everything and Vicki called it "a huge foot forward." Then they called the front desk to pick up their trash. They got lost on their way to the dumpster so they left it by a big rock.

The next morning, they order their breakfast at the front desk and ate outside "in nature." But a bee interrupts the conversation and they move indoors. That was after Heather gave Vicki permission to buy herself a nice ring to replace her wedding ring. Speaking of rings, it turns out Alexis leaves the real diamond in a safe and wears a fake ring most of the time. What? Whatever, it makes Heather distrustful of Alexis.

Gretchen meets with a "Vocal Producer" to learn how Robin Antin wants the song sung "live" for the PCD performance. She's singing "Fever." It's a pretty easy song, but Gretchen is being really hard on herself. The vocal producer tells her she has to keep working at it and if it's hurting "that's all we can do."

Driving home in the car, Gretchen is upset. She's stressed about her voice and the performance going well. I really appreciate her work ethic, and her desire to do well, actually. Did she really lose her voice because she was yelling at Vicki, though? It's not something else at this point? Slade offers to cancel the show, but we all know that's not happening.

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