'RHOC' Star Heather Dubrow Confronts Marriage Problems
'RHOC' Star Heather Dubrow Confronts Marriage Problems
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County might have struck a chord with its audience by displaying the very real turmoil in star Heather Dubrow's marriage. Although it was hard for her to watch, Heather says that this is what she signed up for when she agreed to have her life filmed and wasn't about to "make nice" for the cameras.

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"My husband is wonderful and gives me so much. I am very grateful for the life we have created together," Heather wrote on her Bravo blog today, which is seven months after last night's episode was filmed. "However, during this period of time, I needed some support from him. I wasn't getting it. After a while of trying to communicate and getting nowhere, I got frustrated and started lashing out at him."

Heather understands how she may have come across on the show, but she also wants viewers to understand that what she was asking of her husband was not unreasonable for a wife to ask her husband.

"I just wanted support the way I've always supported Terry," she wrote on her blog. "This guest star role is only a five day job. It shouldn't be such a big deal for Terry to help out. I wanted to explain how I felt, yet he had to interrupt me to make a joke. Thus, proving my point and further frustrating me."

As for the scene in Malibu, Heather admits that she was taken aback about discussing their issues in such a public manner.

"I'm not someone who usually talks about my relationship in front of a group of people. I was surprised Terry brought it up at the table," Heather wrote, referring to Terry bringing up the word "divorce" at the breakfast table. "I don't cross the line when I fight. I think it's dangerous to do that in a relationship. I'm very embarrassed and still hurt and shocked that Terry had chosen to discuss this in front of a table of people."

Although things may have gotten ugly in their relationship for this period of time, Heather assures fans that they are in a much better place now.

"The key to a healthy, strong relationship is communication -- of which we had a breakdown. Our marriage is stronger because of this. I'm so appreciative of everyone who understands that relationships aren't always perfect."

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