'RHOC' Newbie Lydia McLaughlin Calls Out Slade Smiley's Body-Shaming
'RHOC' Newbie Lydia McLaughlin Calls Out Slade Smiley's Body-Shaming
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Slade Smiley has been known to ruffle a few feathers on The Real Housewives of Orange County, especially when it comes to criticizing the appearances of the women in the cast. But in this week's episode, he ticked off the wrong gal, and Lydia McLaughlin isn't taking his bad manners lying down.

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Lydia took issue with Slade making comments about her weight after he said he would like to feed her a cheeseburger to put some extra pounds on her.

"Slade's comment and the whole situation upset and frustrated me on many different levels, which is why I think I got more and more upset," Lydia wrote on her Bravo blog. "First of all, I am the hostess of the party. Secondly, I don't know him that well. So the fact that he whispered what I perceived to be an insult about me was not cool. Don't forget that we had just gotten back from Mexico where Gretchen was whispering sweet nothings about me in the limo. I am more of a direct person and I don't understand whispering about someone when they are right there."

Besides Slade's rude and indirect approach, Lydia said there was a way for him to take responsibility for what he said so they could move past it.

"It was also inappropriate that he didn't say 'I'm sorry, let's move on,' but instead continued to explain all the reasons why he felt his comment was OK. If he would have just taken ownership for his comment, apologized if it upset me, we could have moved on ... but that didn't happen."

Lydia also recognized that this wasn't Slade's first time being critical of the way women look and that is something about him that she just can't respect.

"It's not what Slade said that upset me so much," she explained. "It is his history of putting down other women's appearances publicly. Last year he called Tamra too fat and he's made fun of Vicki's nose. Who died and made him the appearance police? It's just not OK, which is why I called him out on it. Men should be lifting women up, not critiquing our appearance."

And seeing Gretchen Rossi's reaction to Slade's comments really sealed the deal on Lydia's impression of Gretchen, whom she has clashed with a bit over the past few episodes.

"And for Gretchen to say I'm making a big deal out of nothing just showed me how insensitive she is. Maybe love is blind, but I can't imagine my husband Doug ever acting like that."

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