Is a New 'Real Housewives' Franchise in the Works?
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Update: Andy Cohen, executive VP of original programming and development at Bravo, has denied the claims of a new Real Housewives franchise on Twitter. Apparently the new show is not officially confirmed, but we can still dream, right?

According to a source at, Bravo is planning on an addition to the Real Housewives franchise by adding a Real Housewives of Dallas.

It seems that not only is Bravo planning on setting a show in Dallas, but the show has already been completely cast. According to the source, the show will start filming in August and air in early 2013.

This news is somewhat surprising, considering that Bravo exec and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has said in the past that after the bust that was Real Housewives of Washington D.C., the franchise in all likeliness would not continue to expand.

"I really feel like we're done," he told the New York Post about one year ago. "We're pleased with the number of cities and locations we currently have."

Andy also told Variety later that year that Bravo had "tried to mount a Texas (incarnation) but we never hit the nail on the head with casting."

Although Bravo hasn't released any official details, rumors of the cast are already swarming. Here's the list of rumored women compiled by to be the Real Housewives of Dallas:

Lisa Troutt
Wife of Kenny Trout, owner of Excel Communication and winner of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont races.

Rhonda Aikman
Ex-wife of Troy Aikman, former Dalls Cowboys Quarterback.

Tiffany Mullen
Wife of Mike Mullen, the CEO of Energy Equipment Resource Inc. Mullen infamously went searching for a wife in 1998 on Oprah.

Deziree Ramirez
Fiance of Cory Harris, the former music producer. This couple is different from any of the other housewives, being the youngest. Deziree is an heiress and is the grand-daughter of the original founder of Cache/Lillie Rubin. She is also a radio personality, business woman, author, actress and Playboy model.

Diane Gibby
Wife of Rod Rohrich, a top Dallas plastic surgeon. Diane is also a plastic surgeon and the crator of Woman's Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery at Medical City.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer