Big Boobs, Blonde Hair, and Botox on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
Big Boobs, Blonde Hair, and Botox on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
So last week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Peggy proved difficult to be around, especially on vacation. This week, even though she subscribes to astrology, numerology, and naturopathy, Peggy tells us she also "believes in" plastic surgery. It's her prerogative, okay?! Peggy has a point though, when she says,"If you don't like 'em, don't get 'em! Don't give me sh*t because I have 'em!"

Gretchen is working on an anniversary/vow renewal party for her parents, who have been married for, "like, an eternity." Gretchen and her assistant/friend got the dress, but I think they left the sliding glass door open.

Vicki has a family dinner, complete with steaks. It should be a happy time, but it's kind of grumpy and awkward, especially between Vicki and Donn.

Tamra and Fernanda are doing a photo shoot for the "No H8" campaign. Tamra really loves to toy with the whole lesbian thing for fun. They push their boobs up together, and it's very liberating for Tamra.

Capri, Peggy's 1-year-old daughter has an agent. It's stuff like this that reminds me why I love the Real Housewives franchise. I feel really bad for the "photographer" at the agency. He looks like he can't believe this is what his life has come to. I'm glad that Peggy can admit that London probably won't get the job, and also that she wants to get back into modeling herself.

Gretchen has her wedding ring from Chris re-purposed to create a 4kt ring for her mom. Gretchen tries on the ring and decides she just wants the ring and not another marriage. I feel you, girl.

Alexis, who I'd almost forgotten about, is planning a "relaxation and rejuvenation party" for all the women "before Spain." Tamra is worried about Gretchen's presence at the party, and Alexis doesn't really want to invite Vicki.

Tamra is packing/moving, which may conflict with Fernanda's Citizenship Party. Fernanda is a little pissed that Tamra's moving on the same day. The movers put everything in the truck so that Tamra and Eddie can, like, have sex in an empty apartment or whatever. Tamra doesn't show at Fernanda's Citizenship Party.

Tamra has her wedding dress, wedding glasses, wedding candles, and all this other old, Simon-related stuff. Naturally, it makes Eddie feel weird. He asks if they can throw away the wedding stuff, and Tamra doesn't answer. Eddie leaves her alone with her stuff. The wedding glasses end up in the dumpster. Good job, Tamra!

Alexis, who likes to give, is having a Botox party for all the "girls." Tamra is going, but won't let "this bitch" (Gretchen) ruin her good time. Vicki is going as Tamra's guest, ready to move forward with Alexis, by force if necessary. Gretchen is there, and Fernanda goes too.

"Who doesn't want Botox?" Alexis asks. Apparently, lots of people at this party don't want Botox. Peggy DOES want to talk about astrology and auras, though. Gretchen is a Scorpio with a "negative aura." Peggy and Tamra discuss their younger men. Botox is scary.

Fernanda tells Tamra, after Tamra brings it up, that she is disappointed in her. Then Tamra is like, "Seriously? Are you kidding me right now? If you knew what I was going through you'd feel bad for me!" What a bitchy way to respond, especially after Fernanda was so cool about everything. Ugh, Tamra.

There's a weird moment when Peggy sits down to talk to Vicki and sort of kisses her butt. Vicki wanted to know how close Peggy and Alexis are, and nobody answers anyone else's questions directly. Alexis is proud of her prty, and thinks it was classy, until Tamra breaks out her mace at the end. First the hat thing, now the mace, and I'm sure the third thing will be equally unfunny to the women. But I'm sure they'll be rolling on the mace move for a while.

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