Which of 'The Real Housewives of New York' Is This About?
Which of 'The Real Housewives of New York' Is This About?
The women are preparing for the Marriage Equality March, and Sonja has wedding dresses for them to wear just for the occasion. Whose day is it anyway? Sonja was asked to be the Grand Marshal and Alex was like, "I'm on the host committee!" Good for them. Sonja wants it to be fun, Alex takes everything too seriously. Also, Alex thought Sonja made it about herself too much.

Sonja asked to be the only person who spoke, according to Alex, and it wasn't up to Sonja, if you ask her. Alex has an issue with everything, and she will always bring it up whenever the mood strikes her. Alex was pissed that they cancelled Simon speaking "because [Sonja] wanted to be the only one." The bickering never ended, just as the homosexuals would have wanted.

Kelly was actually making a lot of sense at the march, I thought. She noted that they didn't really need to have this argument now, but Alex got all wide-eyed and infuriated and wouldn't let it go. I can see where Alex is coming from, I guess, but I'm a Sonja fan.

Jill showed up to prove to Alex and everyone else that she's capable of change. Of course, Jill picked a little fight with Alex and told her to leave her alone. "Can we just have a good time?" Jill asked. Yeah, can we? Sonja's speech wasn't great or totally moving, but she gave it a go. Alex was offended by Sonja's lack of poise, or the word "legal."

After the march, the ladies all met up at Simon and Alex's place. Alex saw it as a good opportunity to confront Jill, or make an appointment to confront her later. Simon gave his own speech that ended up making him sound a little gay, or at least a little confused. But I guess Alex came along first? Oh who cares.

Cindy's brother, Howie, is dating someone who was engaged to Ramona's friend who died? I don't think I got that right, but for whatever reason, it made Cindy skeptical of Ramona.

Sonja is having an art party, for which an artist (is that the guy she's sort of dating?) is unveiling a painting he made for her. The painting looks bad. It was just a rough sketch, but Sonja looked old and saggy in it.

Sonja and LuAnn met to talk about the march and the subsequent craziness. They agreed that it was annoying. LuAnn said it best: "She found her voice and now she needs to be quiet." I'd agree that Alex seems a little too aggressive this season.

Ramona got a table for herself, Alex, and Sonja at a fancy charity event. Alex took it as an opportunity to tell Ramona how mad she is at Sonja, and over-exaggerate her side of the story. Ramona feels caught in the middle because she likes Alex, but also likes Sonja. Even though Ramona didn't invite Kelly to the Gucci event, Kelly was invited by someone else, so she showed up with Sonja. Ramona freaked out, of course. Relax, Ramona, she's not staying!

Ramona got Sonja's side of the equality march story, and it looks like this issue is far from settled.

Sure enough, Sonja invited Alex to her art party, even though both ladies are still stinging. Sonja confronts Alex right away when she walks in, just to clear the air. Sonja didn't really go about it in the right way, especially to the New Alex. They argued over who was or wasn't asked to speak. Sonja was like, "this isn't about you. You need to leave!" and Alex was all, "it was on the website. It was on the website."

They seemed to angrily agree that it wasn't about either of them, but they couldn't seem to agree on who was trying to make it about themselves more. LuAnn wrapped it up with, "I would have kicked [Alex] out just for the dress."

They unveiled the painting, and it was still pretty unflattering. But oh well, let's move on from the painting, the Alex-Sonja fight, everything. To update you on everyone's friendship status, it seems like almost everyone hates everyone.

Next week, Ramona will walk down the runway again and make everything better.

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