Testing 5 Parenting Cliches Against 'Bethenny Getting Married'
Before you even think about having a child, you hear a lot of things about becoming a new parent ("You'll start talking baby talk to everyone," "you'll hold out your hand for anyone's garbage without even thinking about it,"). Pretty soon, if what they say is true, you won't be able to tell your life from a Family Circus cartoon. And that's pretty sad. Fortunately, as we get to live vicariously through Bethenny, we are able to test how she and Jason hold up to all the new parent cliches.

1. "You'll be able to feel whether it's a boy or a girl."  I'm all for women's intuition, but a woman's psychic ability?  Sure enough, though, Bethenny felt like it was a girl and that's exactly what came out.

2.  "You'll never get any sleep."  I was hoping this one wasn't true but it looked like it was definitely the case.  Even Gina the baby nurse couldn't afford Bethenny an extra hour of sleep or so.  I can't imagine being as busy as Bethenny, let alone on no sleep and as a new mom.
3.  "It's so different when they're your own."  I hear that a lot after expressing disdain towards having children when a child throws a tantrum at the grocery store, or peers over a booth at a restaurant at me.  It looks like this one is true, though, as we saw Bethenny soften toward her baby and even warm up to the idea of having a second.
4.  "Your body will never be the same."  This goes along with that fear of never losing the baby weight, but Bethenny is into her thirties and just weeks after giving birth she looks amazing. How?  The woman wore a shirt as a dress for God's sake!
5.  "You won't be able to go out without constantly checking in on/talking about the baby."  Jason and Bethenny tried defying this one but soon agreed that they would not be allowed to talk about Bryn next time they went out.  I didn't see them retreat to their phones to check up on the baby, though, but I wouldn't have judged them if they did.
What parenting cliches have you heard?

(images courtesy of Bravo)