How Busy is 'Real Housewife of NYC' Bethenny Frankel?
Bethenny Frankel is a busy lady. We witnessed it in last night's episode, and will continue to see her push herself until she breaks down throughout the season. It's not healthy. But they say laughter is the best medicine, so guffaw-ing must be the generic brand of that. Bethenny is so busy, in fact, she's SO BUSY THAT . . . 

*Her baby has signed up for yoga classes from the womb!

*She has made seven Horcruxes of her soul so she can be in several places at once!

*She will fire Sean the Wedding Planner and take over his life for him!

*The Tasmanian Devil is going to her seminar for tips! (Werrmp Werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp)

*She still thinks it's cute to laugh at her own "jokes"!

*Her dog, Cookie, has a therapist!

*Last night, we watched a whole hour of her complaining about how much she has to do!

Uh oh, that last one was a little too real. Sometimes jokes get too real, you guys, and then it becomes cyber-bullying. Stop cyber-bullying!

(image courtesy of Bravo)