Five Reasons 'Bethenny Getting Married' Was a Success
The little mini-series spin-off that could, Bethenny Getting Married? has come to a close. Did you cry? Bethenny did, but that's probably the post-pregnancy hormones. When I first saw the previews for this show, I groaned, there's no way it could be successful! But Bethenny, and the show, grew on me and people just fell in love with Bethenny Getting Married? I have a few theories why this show succeeded.

1. It took Bethenny out of the Real Housewives of New York context.  Who knew she'd be just as likable even without all the Housewives to compare her to? It was a risk that paid off, and it was nice to be able to focus on just one interesting New York life instead of five. 

2. Bethenny has a great supporting cast. If we had to worry about Jill and Kelly, we'd never have the time to get to know Jason, Max, Gina, Julie, Shawn, and Cookie!  It was fun watching Max shop for women's panties and without this supporting cast, we would never come away with quotes like "no tip," and "it's a cake-tastrophe!"

3.  You get a lot per episode. Each episode spans like, a month at least. I guess it has to when you're as busy as Bethenny.

4.  Bethenny Getting Married? had a lot of TV elements that people like.  There was a wedding, AND a pregnancy/birth/baby! Even Full House couldn't put that into one season!

5.  Bethenny keeps it real. With the luxurious lifestyles and ridiculous catfights, the so-called "Real" Housewives sometimes seem anything but real. But Bethenny allowed herself to be very vulnerable on camera, letting us in to her therapy sessions and weakest moments during her rollercoaster pregnancy/wedding planning.  Plus she let us in on what it's like to be pregnant, go into labor, and be an enterprise (we can dream, can't we?)