Bethenny Getting Bloated? And Angry.
I have to say, aside from her pregnant nagging and insistence on calling a gyro sandwich a "ji-ro" like it's an abbreviation for gyroscope, this episode may be the best we've seen of Bethenny.  She's pregnant but takes her weight gain, liquor signings, and her assistant making fun of her in stride. She also showed some vulnerability and emotion almost right after the fact, instead of holding it in and breaking down weeks/episodes later. And it was kind of funny when she couldn't fit into any of her clothes (and you're wrong, Teri, that dress looked awful). Finally, we were almost tricked into thinking this was a regular episode of The Real Housewives of New York (instead of a barely tolerable spin-off) by Alex's presence at Bethenny's wedding/baby shower. 

Jason, Bethenny's "baby the game's on" fiance, didn't exactly shine in this episode, though.  Bethenny brings up that he hasn't helped at all, which he combats by saying she is too controlling and wouldn't let him anyway. After she asks him about beef tartar during March Madness (how dare she?!) he makes it up to her by . . . taking her to City Hall to get the Marriage License. Werrmp Wheeeerrrrrrmp. Baby steps?

Finally the wedding is coming together (a week before). Shawn is tasting cakes, Bethenny is threatening to rip his dick off. Shawn is picking out linens and floral arrangements, Bethenny is picking them apart. She's trying on her wedding dress and trying to make sure her boobs don't fall out of it. It's all really happening!

Bethenny feels confident (a million percent) that the fourth time's a charm. This time she will not be a runaway bride. And no one will be allowed to take pictures at her wedding because she is practically famous now. 

A few final thoughts: 
-Evidently more people are interested in Bethenny's liquor than her book. Huh? 
-No one should wear that shirt as a dress. Especially a pregnant woman. I don't care if it's your shower; it was gross.
-I won't argue with Jason, based on its name alone, "St. Bart's" doesn't sound appealing. 
-Wedding cake. Yugh.

Get your soft focus ready, because next week's episode is the wedding! Exclamation point! And Bethenny will pee in a bucket?

(image courtesy of Bravo)