'Real Housewives' Roundup: Gretchen Rossi's Surprise Engagement, 'RHOBH' Casting and a Cheating Husband
'Real Housewives' Roundup: Gretchen Rossi's Surprise Engagement, 'RHOBH' Casting and a Cheating Husband
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
You know what they say: all is fair in love and Housewives. Here's some of the trouble the ladies of the Real Housewives have been getting into lately.

Reverse Proposal

It looks like Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi has finally gotten engaged to boyfriend Slade Smiley, only she's the one who put a ring on it.

"She proposed to him on top of the AT&T building in L.A.," an inside source told In Touch Weekly. "She had him flown up there via helicopter for the dramatic proposal."

The source also said that the proposal was a big surprise for Slade, who accepted, and that of course the whole thing was caught on camera.

Casting Rumors

As soon as a season of Real Housewives ends (and sometimes sooner), casting rumors take very little time to spread like wildfire. Now Radar Online is reporting that despite predictions that Taylor Armstrong may not be invited back for season 4, that she as well as all of the other ladies (except for a still unclear Kim Richards) will be returning.

"Yolanda [Foster] and Taylor began filming for the fourth season last week," an insider told Radar. "It was a bit of a shock to see Taylor in front of the camera again because the crew thought she was a goner for sure. The viewers just don't like her. But, it has been so hard to find replacements for Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer that the producers had no choice but to bring her back."

As for a replacement for Adrienne, Radar is also reporting that actress Lisa Rinna is close to signing a deal to appear on the reality show.

"Producers had initially asked Lisa to become a part of the show when it first launched, but she turned it down because she decided to do her own reality show," an insider said of Lisa's now-canceled Harry Loves Lisa documenting her marriage to actor Harry Hamlin. "She was honored to have effectively been given a second chance and negotiations are going so well that both sides believe the deal could be closed very soon."

Once a Cheater...

From the way Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey throws stones at her cast mates, you wouldn't think she lives in a glass house. It seems that Caroline's husband Albert has been having extra-marital affairs for years. And now, according to Reality Tea, Caroline will be forced to deal with her marriage problems on camera in the upcoming season.

"Women are coming forward revealing Albert cheats on Caroline," a source said. "It has gotten to the point where it was unavoidable and had to be addressed on-camera."

"I know the man I married. He's a good man. But he's a man. I don't believe there were any long-term affairs. If that were the case, this story would end differently," Caroline told the New York Daily News last month. "If Al cheated on me 25 years ago, one night, that was then and this is now. No one on this planet could say with 100 percent certainty that their partner never cheated. I have no indication that he has, but if it didn't happen yesterday, last week, a month ago, I'm not worried about it. If your husband is a good guy and a provider and you have a tremendous connection, you can't throw your marriage away over a one-night-stand. My husband is my best friend. Marriage is worth the fight. I would go to hell and back for him and he would do the same."

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