What's New With the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' in Season 2
What's New With the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' in Season 2
Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is just getting started, but it already feels different from the first season. Granted, there was a lot of media attention around this particularly series just before the premiere aired, but that's hardly the only factor lending Season 2 a different tone. Let's see what's new and different for each of the Beverly Hills Housewives this year.

Lisa Vanderpump
"Life in Beverly Hills is a game and I make the rules."

RHOBHLisaS2.jpgLisa V. is still the Queen Bee, there's no denying that. This season it's even more evident, and she's already ruffling more feathers than she did before. Lisa's less of a novelty, and more of a dynamic character this season. Also, her daughter's getting engaged!

Kyle Richards
"I'm not the richest girl in Beverly Hills but I'm the luckiest."

RHOBHKyleS2.jpgKyle is moving into a new, bigger house this season, but still working on rebuilding her relationship with Kim after she called her an alcoholic in a blind rage at Taylor's party (oops!). Man, all the sh*t goes down in limos on this show. Kyle still seems pretty well-adjusted, and Mauricio is still awesome, so she may still be the favorite Housewife in Season 2.

Kim Richards
"People try to figure me out, but I'm one of a kind."

RHOBHKimS2.jpgOh man, who knows what's going on with Kim? Who even knew last season? She may or may not have gone to rehab then checked herself out. She may or may not have a problem at all. She's definitely more talkative this season, though, which makes for a lot more awkward and delightful moments that only Kim could produce.

Taylor Armstrong
"I've finally found my voice and I'm not afraid to use it."

RHOBHTaylorS2.jpgThis is a tough one. There's definitely a sense that Taylor's storyline was going to be more central, until Russell's death when Bravo had to re-edit out of respect. As a result, it definitely feels like a chunk of Taylor's story is missing. She's talking a lot (but it's just as much as she used to), and she's been leaving vague clues about her marital dissatisfaction. She just might be the Alex McCord of Beverly Hills.

Adrienne Maloof
"Having it all is easy, if you're willing to work for it."

RHOBHAdrienneS2.jpgI think parts of her face might be new? Or missing? Maybe she just lost weight. Who knows, but I'm sure she didn't like the comparisons she got to Charo and Mama Elsa (of Real Housewives of Miami fame). And the tinsel is back in her hair. This season, we'll see a lot more of her marital struggles with Paul, as bickering may turn into contempt. Adrienne still might be the peacemaker of the group, though, staying out of the majority of the girl-on-girl drama. Adrienne also has a new dog, Jackpot!

Camille Grammer Donatacci
"Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend--freedom is."

RHOBHCamilleS2.jpgCamille is one husband and six houses lighter, and better for it. Once the most hated Housewife of all time, Camille is actually completely tolerable so far. She's not doing that awkward, annoying shrug thing, and she seems a lot more sure of herself. She and Kyle can stand to be in the same room, and we've really come to like her after seeing Kelsey treat her so awkwardly toward the end of last season.

Without Camille to be the pot-stirrer, that just leaves one peripheral cast member we haven't seen yet ... Brandi Glanville. By the look of some of the previews, Brandi is not making nice with the girls, especially Kim. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see those ladies throw down.

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